June 12, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Gurr

Mogi take the wheel

Me and Elder Gurr opened the door to the mission office and were greeted by a lovely stench of B.O.
4 Elders working in the office with bags under their eyes and the look of "end it now" were working there that day. The very air itself seemed to be exhausted.
So with that intro outta the way, Lemme tell ya what went down in mission town.
We got a notice on Monday that every missionary was going to be interviewed by a general authority. It also meant that every missionary had to funnel into Zurich or Munich. The office is in charge of coordinating tickets and train rides, but here's the catch - they only found out on Monday that 100+ missionaries from 3 different countries had to travel to Munich and Zurich by Tuesday and Wednesday.
So we had every problem imaginable happen. Missionaries missing trains, trains being delayed, lost items and yadadada. Let's just say we were lucky to have only waited 4 hours for our interview.
The poor office though didn't get any sleep for 30 or so hours because they had to deal with some many problems happening. There was so much stress and exhaustion in that office I swear I could've cut it with a knife.
Its finally time for my companion to go home.
I got to go to the airport and said goodbye to my companion and it was the fastest goodbye ever. Gurr is a very quiet person so it was kind of expected to say bye and never see each other again. I do miss him though, he was a funny guy.
I drove up to the airport with an office elder, and once the goodbyes were done to all the elders, it was just me and Elder Richardson in the mission van named Tony.
I had a good conversation with Richardson but he got hit by a wave of fatigue while driving because he hasn't slept in30 hours and we don't want drowsy drivers on the street, so I offered to drive the massive van through the tiny European streets and he said yes.
Driving in Europe is the scariest thing ever. The roads are curvy and absolutely tiny and there's cars parked on both sides of The street making the roads feel even tinier and I'm driving in this huge van named after a guy who makes workout videos for missionaries. First time driving in Europe, What could go wrong?
Well luckily God is real because I was blessed and absolutely nothing bad happened. Me and Richardson talked about stuff and he was so tired he ended up talking gibberish a bit. After a while of driving I got used to everything and it was a breeze. The autobahn isn't too bad.
So that's been the biggest reason I didn't write last week. Lots of crazy things happened. I ended up meeting my new companion 8 or so hours after I was supposed to because his train was delayed for a few hours. So I'd say that was a good first transfer.
Sleep deprived elders, mass migrations and delays all on transfer day.
But now I got my little stories that happened throughout the weeks:
Catholic RLDS BDay
I was invited to a birthday party by our favorite catholic member and he didn't tell us he was also bringing the RLDS church to his party as well. He wanted the RLDS church to give us the sacrament. The RLDS church didn't know we were coming though and thought it was rude to do that if no one knew this event was going to happen. It was such a weird and very extremely awkward appointment. We got invited 4 hours early, but we only came 1 hour early. The party itself lasted 3 hours. I don't know what we're going to do with this memeber.
I also got to experience some of the hardest rejections on the mission so far. We were in Passau doing an Ausstellung and I would ask someone if they wanted to take a survey and they would reply "no" and laugh at us. And then the people near them would laugh at us. It was a pretty good time and I didn't get a single person to talk to us that day.
Rejected Part 2
Me and my new companion were back in Landshut and super pumped to do some finding. So down in the town square we start talking to people and we got rejected for 5 and a half hours straight. People wouldnt even talk to us when we asked for help with something, they would say no and walk away. One guy we asked even strutted alongside us and said nothing, just to look back at us and give us a smirk and walk away.
I'm wondering if the Lord is preparing us for something because we had some brutal rejections.
We did 12 hours of finding in 4 days and only one person talked to us. Normally we get 10 or so.
I also had my birthday! It was a pretty good birthday. :) I got to take a selfie with our favorite golden boy that we see on the streets every day, and I also got to serve all day doing finding. We met this one guy who told us he loves weed and he was actually our one potential from our 12 hours of finding. He was funny. I also got to meet LIEUTENANT DAN! He had a leg missing and we offered him help and food if he ever saw us but he said nah, but it was cool to meet him anyways! We also had a group of 4 people come up to us and ask if they could bless our knees if they were feeling any joint pain. We told them nah we're good and then shared the first lesson with all of them, it was pretty cool. But the best birthday present was running into one of our investigators named SILKE! She is an absolute baller and is just very receptive to hearing spiritual things. Theres a picture below of how I felt about my birthday altogether and pretty much my whole mission.
Game Saver
We were playing basketball trying to get to know the locals here and it was the middle of an intense 2v2 game. The other team was about to make a shot when my companion let out a juicy and loud noise coming from somewhere below. It made the opposition drop the ball and we took possession of that ball and won the game after that. What a save. The guys we played against said they know someone in our ward and that they think were some pretty cool dudes so it all worked out though.
Investigator City
We ran into more than half of our investigators yesterday in the city. It was bizarre. We just kept seeing all our investiagtors and we talked to them all too asking them how they were and whatnot. We got a lot of appointments this week.
Coming In Clutch
We had a super tausch and it was someone's birthday so we made brownies but forgot one of the most important things to go with it. Ice cream.
It was also Sunday so we couldn't buy emergency ice cream either.
So we did the logical thing and called a member named brudder Klemm. Brudder Klemm is amazing and even took a man in and gave him a job and shelter and food and is doing the same for another refugee right now. Truly living a Christ like life and following the prophets counsel.
Anyways, we told him we were in dire need of ice cream so he said "no problem, I'll be down there in 20 minutes"
Lo and behold we got our ice cream and more. There's a picture below of all we got. We even got American root beer. What a baller member.
That was a good night.
So what did I take away from these last two weeks? From crazy RLDS birthday sacrament parties to burnt out offices to absolute brutal rejections and a new companion, I've learned that missions are possible. I've learned that no matter how exhausted you are, you're always going to get that 2nd wind eventually. I've never been so exhausted in my life. I fell asleep during an on the spot lesson one time while Elder Gurr was giving the lesson, but after that I was able to go ham with energy again for another hour or two before we went home. These past two weeks have been the most exhausting because I never got a break or even pday inbetween, but I never lost hope that I would be able to do what the Lord has commanded me to do. I know Ive been blessed with so much strength these past few weeks and I have never been happier in my life. My birthday over here consisted of me blowing out a flame from a lighter, but it was still the best birthday of my life because I know I helped someone that day. Ive had second winds giving me energy, third winds and fourth winds all in one day and I love it. My goal has been to be exhausted and Im definitely achieving it. The coolest thing about all this is also that Im not stressed. I just feel ready to go even if my body physically is falling asleep. Its such a cool feeling. Im so happy to be on this mission :)
I hope you guys are all doing well, sorry that I had to cut out like 80% of my week, but I also didnt want to write a novel.
Have fun in Utah!
Photos below are me with my golden boy. A typical journal entry. And the stuff Klemm brought us for our emergency


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