May 22, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Gurr

Rainy Day Boys

Hey guys I changed my alarm this week. Its now a beep beep instead of beepbeepbeepbeep.

See you next week!

So actually what happened this week was too much to write in this email so I'm a happy boy and I have lots more flexibility for funny and spiritual stories.
So to start off, let's talk about my crazy drug friends I made.
We were out the main train Station in my main city Landshut when we realized we had a full 30 minutes of waiting to do. Instead of waiting around and showing off our name tags to the public, we went for a short walk next to the creek. We know that lots of drunk guys hang around there and we decided to walk through them. They were a crowd of about 10 listening to Turkish music and obviously doing a bit more than just beer. When we approached they were like "Aaayyyy it's da mormons!" And they all cheered for us.
Pretty good feeling to have people actually know who you are and even be happy to see you, even if they're higher than the alps, so we ended up talking to one of the girls there. She wasn't under the influence yet, but she was telling us how we were angels and were doing such a wonderful job and that she's glad were making smart choices at such a young age.
She told us her testimony in god and how she was abused as she was young and her dad was going to kill her, but she screamed "JEHOVAH" because that's what the priest told her to do, and she saw the change in her dad's eyes and he stopped strangling her. Pretty powerful story. She told us more about how her worst fear is war coming out because that would mean they would lose access to their... supplies. She hates being controlled, but she got into such terrible things young. We told her we would pray for her and she wanted to come to our church and she started crying and thanking us for talking to her.
It definitely gave me a testimony of the work were doing. Small and simple conversations and just listening to people makes a difference. I still remember 90% of the hundreds of people's names we meet a day, I love them all so much and I want to do everything I can to help them out.

But of course during our super serious conversation there were other people watching us and one of them ran up to us and took off his shirt so he could show us this WICKED GNARLY full body tattoo of the trinity. It was actually really impressive and I'm sad I didn't take a picture of it. He was telling us he loves Christ so much and he likes us. He was a cool dude.
We had to book it for the train because we realized we talked very long, I really wanted to stay though. :(

The train ride was actually a 3 day trip to münich. There was stake conference and zone conference going on, so basically that means it would be easier to go to the elders in Munich for a few days rather than wasting lots of money.

We were a motley crew of 4 elders coming out of the train in Munich because we met with our other district on the way. We were going to room with the mission office, which consists of 4 elders. That means 8 elders all in the same building for 3 days.
3 days.
8 elders.
That's a lot of food.
The office didn't have food enough for us.

But that's a bit for later.

We arrived at Munich and had to visit the stake center and I was really excited because I was going to meet all the elders and sisters in the Munich area. That's 20 missionaries or so.
At our conference we exchanged spiritua l thoughts and whatnot, but the fun part was afterwards. I got to talk to one of my sister's from the MTC and I was so happy to finally catch up with Grundvig. But I also got to meet a ton of other missionaries and laugh and all that jazz.
When it was time to go it was pouring unbelievably hard outside and we had to run 15 minutes in the rain to the office. We ran with some sisters who also had to visit the office real quick and It was just a mess of sweat and rain.
When we got to the office we were so relieved though! We walked up to the door and heard
The door was locked and the office elders were going to be gone for an hour.
Luckily we have a wizard with our group of elders and he climbed through one of the windows and unlocked the door for us.
The sisters got their stuff and left
The day was saved.
The elders were dripping and exhausted and HUNGRY,
But the office had no food.
A few minutes later the office elders came back with no food either, so we made a plan to send out 3 of us to go out and find a döner shop.
For those that don't know, shops in Germany close at 6 most of the time. Döner shops close at like 11 pm in Landshut at least.
It was 7 pm so the Turkish boys were our only hope.
We walked for 2 hours in pouring rain and found nothing at all.
We came back to the office without honor. That was a fun night.

The next few days consisted of 8 elders living off toast and a bit of noodles we found. But we also did some cool zone conference things.
I learned a lot of spiritual things and it really motivated me. I loved zone conference and I'd love to tell you all the details of people you'll never meet, but I'll save it for another time.

That was pretty much our 3 days in Munich. Just meeting missionaries and having spiritual moments.

This p day were having another day in Munich because the zone leaders want to exchange with us. So we had our p day part of p day in the alps and I got to see the mountains for the first time here! Landshut is really ugly compared to a lot of places here. I can't believe this place is so beautiful.
We did a 2 hour hike going up and rested in some super German restaurant on the top of the mountain. Complete with German music, beer, a German shepherd, and lederhosen.
My legs were giving out the whole way up and down the 4 hour journey. And it's really bad when you're dying and then this 60 year old grandma passes you faster than a sports car passes a broken down truck on the autobahn.
I don't get Germans.

It was really good to see mountains again though.
I'm so glad I had such a good week. My journal was filled with like 14 pages this week whereas last week it was only filled 3 pages. I wish I had my journal so I could write more, but p day is almost over. I miss you all back there in the other ,mountain land!


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