May 15, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Gurr

Cookies and Food Poisoning

Hoi Zemme! This week has actually been pretty productive compared to last week and I also didn't forget to bring my journal for email writing so I'll be able to remember more things.

So to start this week off we decided to make some moist and delicious american cookies with german ingredients. The result was something kind of good and average. We did this because we had some inactive members we were going to visit and also because we have someone in our ward whos been LDS for 10 years now and we thought it would be nice to give her cookies. So we go to the 10 year LDS Grandma named sister Fritz and it was a 20 minute bike ride to get there. We approached her house when my bike hit a curb and I dropped all the cookies we were going to give her. We couldnt put them back in their little cookie container either because they landed on a cigarette pile and had ants swarming them in seconds, so we decided to take a 20 minute ride back, pick up some more cookies and come back. It was terrible and we arrived at our house sweating bullets. If I were her I probably wouldn't have liked receiving cookies from 2 sweaty stinky elder boys. But she gave us muffins at church later so I guess it was all good.

We also found the nicest place in Germany. We were looking for an inactive member named something I cannot pronounce and his address was a refugee home. We asked some of the Islamic boys outside if they knew who this man was and they were like "I know a man who might know this man" and then they took us inside the refugee home and took us to this African family who said "I know a man who might know this man" And then THEY led us to some other people who did the same thing, and we knocked on a few doors and started to have a growing croud of refugees come looking with us for this inactive member. They were all so nice and they were asking us how we were doing and we got their names and this refugee house was the most welcoming and friendly place I've ever been. We even knocked on one ladies door and she asked us what church we're from and if she could be a member before we said anything. So we got her number down and we're going to invite her soon. Anyways, we ended up not finding our inactive member and I gave my cookies to one of the African families. And the moment I left I already missed all of our refugee bros we assembled in those halls. They were so friendly.

Food Poisoning is also a problem I get a lot here. Its super minor, but they have these places called Döner shops and its basically a place where a huge piece of meat hangs and they cut the meat off of it into a sandwhich. Its the fast food of germany because it takes like a minute and it costs 3 euros. Everytime we dont feel like cooking we just go down to one of those and everytime without fail we end up feeling like throwing up afterwards because they didnt cook the meat all the way or something. I don't know why we keep getting them, but I dont think we'll stop-

Mothers Day! We had a ward lunch and this little girl came up to us asking for a book of mormon so she could give it to her friend. She's a baller. We also got to experience sunday finding! It was amazing because we found 2 whole people that talked to us on the streets out of like 80. People really don't like giving their time to two strange sweaty boys on their sundays. But the biggest highlight was that I got to see the person who gave birth to me and the rest of the other people too! It was neato and I'm glad I exist. Thanks mutti! We didn't have too much to catch up on because I've only been out a month, but it was still nice. I was also talking about how hot it was in Germany, so of course when we ended the call and went outside is was the hardest rainstorm I've experienced in Germany. Theres a picture below about how soaked we were. Showers were very nice that day.

And I want to explain what every Monday is like for us. Monday is our district meeting day which means we get on a train for an hour and meet up with 2 other missionaries. So we met at Burger King because we're all American as heck and we had a very un-american burger the size of a kids meal because we're not actually in America anymore and the word large scares European people. And we discuss missionary things like "This investigator did something funny, but we also had a spiritual thing happen" And we just sort of check up on everything. And then we play a card game called Wizard and go back to Landshut. After that it's usually time to go to Family Home Evening with the Klemms and have a spiritual lesson and such and it usually ends at 9 pm. But for the first time ever something unimaginable happened.
Me and Gurr had no idea what to do. We relied on the Klemms to give us an easy day where we could relax before P-day and now that was gone! We got to our apartment and crashed and our only option was to go finding or to do 12 week studies and drag it out until 8. It was raining while we were in the apartment and my allergies were acting up and I was exhausted from all the biking and travel and I did NOT want to go finding at all, especially in the rain because people reject you twice as hard and are twice as rude. But I promised I would do my best and I knew dragging out studies was not the best I could do. So despite my exhaustion and the rain, I prayed for strength and got just the amount I needed to get my butt up off the couch and ask Elder Gurr to go finding with me. He wearily said "I guess" and we set out. The whole time I was having doubts and fears about how rude the people were going to be because I've actually never been finding in the rain before, I've only heard stories about rude people and I was not in the mindset for rejection this late at night. I promised I would do my best though. Once we got to the main plaza where we do finding, the rain started to clear up and we talked to some people. We had 2 people have some nice friendly conversations with us and that took about 45 minutes, and then we were going to go for an ice cream break when we ran into this one African lady who we thought was german at first because she spoke perfect german. She was super friendly and she told us to go shopping with her for a bit and then we sat on a bench and gave her the first lesson and we talked for 2 hours about life and she loved us and we adored her! She's now my favorite potential and she said she's going to take us horseback riding next p-day. She loves how we actually follow our religion and thinks were such good examples. She said she was having a bad day until we came up to her and started talking to her and then she felt happier. It was the coolest thing ever and I'm really excited to talk to her again. She's so cool! I left feeling so amazingly happy :)
Anyways, what I've learned on my mission is that the less motivated I am, the more productive my day is going to be if I do my hardest. I think this applies to everything though, you reap so much more when you choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.
Keep being strong out there folks, I miss you all!
Pictures below are me and my soaking wet comp
Pictures of our city at night (I messed around with the lighting and settings on one)
One of the tinier churches here
And a normal lunch.
Also at the time of writing this there is another intense thunderstorm going on that were going to have to bike back home in.


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