May 8, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Gurr

The Love Doctor

This week was filled with lots of drama back home for my companion and lots of cool people we met on the streets. So lets begin!

Click click click
Click click click

Thats usually what I fall asleep to and wake up to. My companion has a month left on his mission and he has this one girl whos been writing him recently and he's a bit schwarz and writes this girl in the mornings and evenings.
Recently, however, he found out that she's been talking to other missionaries so of course he is SLIGHTLY DEVASTATED because he's never actually met her! So he comes to me and asks what my opinions on the situation are and through a long and complicated talk we came to the conclusion that he has a 35% chance of her actually liking him.
So now we're stuck in limbo because none of us are buying it, but we also think there's a tiny chance that she still might like him. All of this drama is kind of good though because my comp likes to run when he's stressed so we go even harder in fruhsport which means I have to run too and get nice and buff.

Otherwise we met a lot of cool people. We've had one guy walk up to us, take us to a cafe and talk with us for 3 hours. His life is so full I wouldnt be able to fit it on this email. He's a musician that has a non-profit band that plays in Africa and he's also a surf teacher and he also rides motocross and he travels the world and he invited me to play my saxophone on a cruise ship tour he's doing and he this and he that and oh my goodness this man was full! He was so cool and a little bit famous too! So that was pretty nifty.

One of the things we do as missionaries is play BASKETBALL because being in the streets 24\7 is tiring, we go out and just talk to people while playing basketball. We met this one couple from spain who are going to move to Mexico and the girlfriend absolutely wrecked all of us playing that day. She was doing sweet floop de floos with the ball and spinny things and I was on my butt wondering what happened. They liked us though and agreed to go to church and meet one of our spanish speaking members. So hopefully they'll like that.

And I can't forget our tiny tiny little ward. What an experience. I always hear from other missionaries about how tiny their churches are, but I've never actually been to one, so let me paint it a bit.
You hear from your bishop that you need to bless the sacrament for a church thats an hour away so you say yes of course. So you head down there and the car parks in front of an apartment building and youre like "ok, wheres the church?" And then you follow the bishop INTO the apartment building.
You knock on a door and youre greeted by this happy old man and he leads you to a tiny room with a ironing board that has a cloth on it, and a tiny stool that has the sacred sacrament emblems. 4 other people are there. You sit down and hear everyone breathing in the tiny room and its almost as if you hear their heartbeats as well. Then the happy old man says, "Lets have our sacrament meeting begin"

That was my experience. It was fast sunday too so all of us bore our testimonies and this wonderful grandma told me how grateful she was for the missionaries that came into her life when she was little. She told us how her life would have been different and downhill if it weren't for missionaries. Then she looked me in the eye and I FELT how thankful she was and it almost knocked me to tears because I felt like I saw her whole life and what it could have been if two goofy boys never knocked on her door 80 years ago. I felt like I went through her whole life story just by looking into her eyes.
It was a good sunday.

And that's been my week! It's been a bit slow, but I can at least share some pictures!
My comp fell asleep because he doesn't like emails.
That paper is the calculations I was making to figure out if flirty girl actually liked my elder
And just a few random pictures and a sneaky picture of a dog


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