May 1, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Gurr

Doing good!

My first month is almost up! I feel like I left yesterday though and my companion is saying it's only going to get faster D:
My companion is also super trunky sometimes and it's funny, it doesn't interfere with work though so that's good. We do so many silly things I love it, and he's teaching me how to solve a rubiks cube.
This p day is a feier tag so no stores are open so the only thing we can do is go to the castle nearby and write emails. We also have an appointment at 4 with someone, but well take the p day time missed and add it at the end.
I'm cooking every kind of food ever. I've only had the same food like twice.
I've had muesli, pizza, döner, ravioli things, ravioli, schnitzel, tacos, all sorts of noodles with different sauces, rice, vegis, hot dogs, sandwiches. I eat healthier here than I did at home, it's awesome!
We have members named the Klems, and they stop by and give us food all the time. Our fridge is full of meat and cheese and they have fhe every Monday and give us all the food we can fit in our backpacks. I love them, they even gave an apartment for an Armenian investigator we have. They invite a refugee from Africa to fhe all the time. He was tortured in Nigeria and had to flee here and he suffers from it, but they help him as much as they're allowed.
I got lotsa cool pictures over this week and I'm excited to actually have internet to send this email. I'm writing it in our apartment right now and I don't get internet unless were at the church.
We got a referall from temple square yesterday so I'm excited to check that out. We got lots of work to do! These next week's are going to fly. I've finally got a good tempo going down for mission work and it isn't a battle to wake up anymore. I really like finding and I'm doing my best to make it fun
I'm just cramming a lot in here because were waiting for clothes to dry before we go out.
Weekly will describe a few stories.
Elder Gurr says
I like salad

He's movie trunky
And girl trunky
And motorcycle trunky

That's about it
Elder gurr wanted to play solitaire but he also had to poo so I told him why not both, so he went I to the bathroom with an ironing board and played solitaire in there
I made a little Bella shrine for myself and it's just a bunch of pictures of Bella on my desk now. Also because of that I found the extra pictures you put in my photo book! I love em! I wish I could buy postcards but it's feiertag today. Can't do much. I was going to buy a Russian doll and sew my face on it and I was going to buy candles and super glue and some other stuff but now it's moot.

Also I'm learning lots of super spiritual stuff In my personal studies. I love personal study so much.

Bye bye bye bye bye


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