April 24, 2018


Landshut, Germany


Elder Gurr

He Hatched From An Egg! And Other Short Stories!

I got to meet our mission president! Hes super cool and because there were only 4 of us entering the mission (me and my sister trio) we all ate at his house. After that he told us where were all going. Sister Read is going to Lucerne Switzerland, Sister Mansell to Wien, Austria, Sister Grundvig to Rosenheim and I'm going to Landshut Germany! The people in the mission office are working on getting me a Danish passport so I can go to Switzerland though, so expect a lot of Swiss emails in a few months.
Landshut is the ugliest place in the mission and it's GORGEOUS! There's bike paths everywhere and greenery and bridges and colorful buildings and giant churches. It's absolutely stunning.
I feel like a bouncy ball thrown from a large building. I was spooked about what was going to happen when I hit my mission area but I bounced right into things nice and strong! That analogy sucked but oh well. Things are absolutely awesome here in landshut! The buildings are pretty, the air is breathable, the apartment is small but cozy, my companion is a baller and the people are hardly even German!
The only thing that sucked was saying goodbye to my sister companion trio and Ryan Gosling and learning of all the refugees.
I should have learned Arabic in the MTC because there are so many refugees and hardly any speak german! This one refugee we visit actually has a sad story that I'll share.
Imagine your country at war and every night you fear you'll die from some sort of bomb. You get news that Germany is accepting many refugees in your country but only you can get in and the rest of your family has to stay. You arrive at Germany and you're thrown in jail for a bit but it's much nicer than your old country. A few months later you're finally released and they give you a n apartment with a bed and that's it. A shared room too. It feels like you never left your prison cell, but hey! You get 40$ a month now for being a refugee. Also you can't work unless you find some illegal work to do so you find the nearest döner kebab place to work and your boss underpays you and gives long hours. But you do it because 40 a month is a bit low.
So now you got that schedule going on and every night before you go to bed you cry to sleep and some nights you can't even sleep because you don't know if your parents are dead or not.
One day you find two weird looking guys in shirts and ties and they come up to you and talk about God. You let them come over and teach you and they teach you so many hopeful things about life. They teach you families are forever and that God loves you and you start feeling peace again. They come over every now and then to see how you're doing and they text you goodnight. They can't let you get baptized because they're not allowed to because if you were to go back to your country they would kill you for sure. So now you just have to wait and hope the German government sees that your trustworthy so they don't have to send you back to a war ridden country.

So that's one of our 2 refugee investigators. The other investigator has an even sadder story but I've told enough.

Let's switch to happy stories!

Missionaries have to do finding. This means you gotta look for people on the streets or door to door to teach. How finding in Germany usually goes is this:

And the person says no and walks away
Or they listen to what you say and the moment they hear 'Faith' they run away.
So lots of rejection daily.
One day we were finding and we saw this MASSIVE MUSCLE MAUER of a man and he easily could have CRUSHED OUR SKULLS with his pinky fingers. So of course my companion goes up to him and lets out a loud
Which is roughly translated to "HI! :DDD" And we stop him and ask him if he wants to learn about God
He says yes he's Muslim but likes to be open to other religions so he adds us on whatsapp and says hell talk to us next time he sees us.
I thought that was cool. Me and my companion always talk about doing one more pushup or one more pull up for Abu. I love it

And the subject of my email relates to my talk in church. As a new missionary they make you go up and talk about who you are. But they were running low on speakers so I also had to give a normal talk about who Christ is. So I did.
So as a joke I spoke in Swiss German to the whole ward and for those who don't know, German people can't understand Swiss German. So everyone was confused until I told them it was a joke and I can actually speak normal german. They all loved that.
So after hearing a bunch of chuckles I got confidence in my talk and I was talking about how if you help a chicken out of an egg while it's hatching, it will die. And this relates to our time on earth with trials yadda yadda. So I got a brilliant idea to say
"I'm glad my mother didn't help me hatch out of my egg, otherwise I'd be dead".
And in true German fashion, no one laughed and they stared at me in disappointment.
I'm lying a bit, there was one chuckle in the back but that was it.
I continued my talk and bore my testimony and closed the prayer
Afterwards everyone said they loved my Swiss German joke but no one talked about me hatching from an egg.

So that's about 1 10th of my week and I probably missed a lot of stuff that's actually more exciting than Abu the body builder and egg hatching, but that should be good for now.
Hope you're all doing well!

Important Info:
Also I sewed a picture of my companions face onto a doll so I can always have a pocket companion to be with me.
My companion puts on his socks before his pants


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