April 15, 2018


London MTC


Sister Read

Ducks and Doughnuts.

Its almost week two of the MTC and in two days I'm leaving for the actual mission field! Today is kind of my p-day because tuesday we'll be on a plane again and going to the mission field. Being in the MTC has really been the coolest thing ever because its not Utah. They teach you so well here and it's cool to see people from every corner of the world together for this faith and its been such a testimony to me to see that Utah culture is not Mormon culture. Theres so many stereotypes against Mormons in Utah that you start believing that it's just how the LDS church is. But its not! I tell people some of the stereotypes and they just get confused and tell me utahns are weird.

Anyways, all the missionaries in England got a special message from the prophet and it was the coolest thing ever! Russel M Nelson is so funny when he's not having to talk in general conference. He was cracking jokes and relating it to the spirit and smiling the whole time. At one point Nelson called a security guard by name and told him how much he loved this security guard and Nelson remembered that the security guard has a daughter on a mission in England and he let him talk to her through the devotional so his daughter could hear how much he loves her. It was neat and lots of people started crying. It was like how Christ calls people by name and knows us and loves us. He really is a prophet and wonderful man. Hes 92 and goes skiing still, its pretty radical gnarlical.

Other things that happen here are roleplays. The teachers here all served missions and they pick someone they taught to roleplay as and then we have to teach them (in german). Its really difficult but once you teach by the spirit its the coolest feeling because you get words coming out of your mouth that you didn't ven know you knew and you explain things perfectly to the roleplay investigator. The sister trio here has only been here 4 weeks but when they teach it sounds like they know the language. Its so cool. The investigators feel really real to because they ask hard questions like "Why should I join this church? It has such tight rules. Its so old fashioned. Its so boring. Its not for me. Its racist and homosexual because -" So you get those hard questions and then you learn how to teach. The coolest thing about this gospel is that you can find out for yourself if its true or not. The promise in the book of mormon says that if you pray to see if its true with real intent, you will find out for yourself. This comes at no cost except for a bit of time. The adversary will try everything to stop you from even praying about it because he knows its true to so he just spreads stereotypes about mormons or tells falsehoods about us that spread and give us a bad image. People just assume were crazy from what theyve heard, but theyve never tried for themselves to see if its true.

Since I'm not sick anymore I can participate in sports now too. They've been super intense. We played volleyball and I went to go hit the ball but it slammed me right in the face and knocked me on my butt and there was blood EVERYWHERE. It took a while to stand up, but eventually I did and I ran to the bathroom with my hands covered in blood. Once I was in the bathroom my elder companions came in and I smiled at them and they freaked out because my face was covered in blood and my smile was red and I guess I looked like a serial killer or something. It was funny.
The next sport day me and my companions decided to do 5 sets of 2 minute stair climbs and after that do 5 sets again, but with push ups and sit ups on every floor. So we became moist bodies of stink and the stairs we climbed were nice and moist as well. It honestly was a mistake because 2 days later and the staircase still smells like a stinky elder trio.

So tthats been my week. Lots of spiritual experiences with our classes and the devotional, but its not all just spiritual experiences. We also have DUCK STORIES! So when the elders are bored we go downstairs into one of our classrooms that have a view of the duck pond. One day I walked into the classroom and the elders were jamming their faces against the glass looking at ducks as usual and they were all talking about an "exiled duck". So I asked them why one of the ducks in our pond was exiled and they just looked at me and said "you dont want to know".
You could totally tell the duck was exiled because theres this squad of ducks that fly in and totally dominate the pond and theres only one pure white duck thats always with them. We call him the king. Anyways, the squad of ducks just patrols the pond and makes sure nothing bad happens and they move as a team, but ever since the elders told me the duck was exiled from the squad you just see him drifting alone in a corner away from the big squad.
I love the elders here.

And something else happened in the showers. We found a doughnut in the corner of a shower and started asking all the elders whos doughnut it was and no one fessed up. The next day it was still in the corner of the showers. But the next it was still there, but we left the showers for a second and came back and it was gone and the trash cans were empty. So we concluded that somebody ate the stale shower doughnut. When we went to lunch we were on the end of a table telling sister Paki, our australian sister, about the shower doughnut. And when we said that somebody ate a shower doughnut, we saw Elder Ricciardulli from the opposite end of the table lift his head and stare at us for a split second and then hide his face. We all knew who ate the stale shower doughnut in that moment.

I love it here so much. Its so spiritual and we really learn how simple the gospel is. It really is love God and love one another. Im so glad I can be teaching for 2 years and changing peoples lives and letting them know theyre loved and that families can be forever and that God is optimistic and give them a happy reason for why theyre here on earth. This gospel is so special and I don't know any other religion that gives you such a drive for service that it makes you want to go out for two years loving people.
Church is true. Prayer is to receive answers for your questions so do it. Love you all! See you in two years! Bye!
Pictures below are the sister trio stealing my tablet, my entire MTC group and some pictures of a church history tour we went on.


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