April 10, 2018


London MTC


Elder Ball

First MTC Week and the Tragedy of Ryan Gosling and Eve

Hello everyone! I made it safely to England, the land of short rainstorms and eternal gray skies. The journey to get here was really easy and the moment I said goodbye to family I found a missionary that is now my roommate. Elder Ball. He's a potato boy from Idaho.
Arriving at England was hectic and they ushered us into a taxi that had a minion doll and a charming bald man talking about trucks or something and he was so wonderful I fell asleep instantly. I woke up at the MTC and it is absolutely beautiful here! I wasn't sure if I died from exhaustion and made it to heaven! The building itself is just very beautiful and easy to navigate, and the gardens are full of rainbow flowers and there are hedges that neatly compliment the red brick paths. There's a pond out in the back with ducks and geese as well. Did I mention there's a temple right outside our MTC? It's very simple, but has a large castle-y spire going straight to the skies and it's beautfiul and all the garden work around it adds to it. Wonderful area, and it also has wonderful people that I'll talk about.
Immediately upon arriving at the MTC, I was greeted by the MTC president who gave me medicine for my cough that I had received from the plane ride. I was also given a room and told to go rest and recover today. So I did that and when I woke up from my nap, my throat was hurting, but it wasn't too bad. We had lunch and met all 18 of us at the entire MTC. I'm so thankful that we have such a small group so I can remember all the sister and elder names. We have people from Ghana, Australia, Sweden, Endland, 2 from Utah, Spain and Mognolia and I probably forgot a few. It really let me see just how universal the gospel is.
The People that I was blessed to meet and learn about here are so amazing. I'm in a unique situation where I have 2 companions instead of one because of uneven amount of elders and because I need to be put with people in my language, I also have a sister companion because there's no elders going to the alpine mission. My two companions are a really cute couple. Elder Spencer is a ginger that likes to crack jokes all the time and is bold and likes to speak his mind. He can be serious from time to time but mostly he makes farting noises with apples. He's great, and is usually the primary one talking in a group. Elder Ball is the one I met at the airport and he just tags along with Elder Spencer and his jokes. I still don't know much about him because he's rather quiet about his personal life and the only personality he shows is good humour and boldness. I have a temporary Sister companion and her name is Sister Read. She is absolutely amazing and has such a heart for service and speaks german very well despite only being here for 3 weeks. She's been an example to me in missionary situations as well because she is very good at just teaching. She's from Australia, but has traveled around the world and has a british accent. She's been pretty much everywhere so that's pretty cool.
Those are my many companions who I love so much and spend literally every moment of the day with.
Our Districts are where we learn how to teach and socialize. Honestly they don't really teach you material, they just tell you to love everyone unconditionally every day and teach you how to spot the good in people and help you realize everyone is a beautiful person. They teach you how to love yourself and that you should just be your true self when you go out to teach. We teach simple things and we're just here to represent Christ and let people know they can feel love and happiness. I have two districts which is very abnormal. I have a district with my elder companion and 2 sisters and one with a trio of Alpine sisters and my Sister companion. We're all becoming very close friends and I feel so comfortable here. I love it. The sister trio is actually something that would be entertaining to read about.
The Sister Trio Is the roudiest, and most hilarious group of sisters I know. They're companionship is straight out of a TV show. We got the two americans bickering back and forth about how you say certain words in german and sassing eachother to China and back, and then you got the peacekeeper from Australia, Sister Read. She tells them to calm down and corrects them on certain important questions such as, "How many babies do frogs have?" and also helps them a lot with german because they struggle. So they got a dynamic relationship going on and suddenly I'm told I need to be in their district. I come into their class and I'm assigned to have sister Read as my companion and the two American sisters give me the stink eye and say "You've doomed us all" So they were (jokingly) not too happy about having to give the peacemaker up to me. We still all sit next to each other though so its not actually too contentious. We often get sidetracked and talk about the weirdest things and even get the teachers talking about weird things. I love it so much. The sisters also spend their time study time learning about important things pertaining to the gospel such as "Lets go see if the mother Goose is outside right now" and then they go sit at the window and watch the mother goose and her eggs near the pond and totally forget they should be studying the gospel. They told me all about the goose and taught me that the mother gooses name is Eve and her husband that drifts in the pond nearby is named Ryan Gosling.
Ryan Gosling Is very aggressive and hisses at the sisters whenever they walk by the pond. Other than that, we can clearly see that he is a loving father that wants the best for Eve. Eve on the other hand, is a very determined mother. She has 6 eggs and braves any weather and any threat to take care of them. One day as we were in class we brought up Ryan Gosling to our teacher and he told us of something terrible. Eve's children will never hatch because they rubbed the eggs with some sort of oil. So Eve is just sitting on those eggs expecting something that will never come. She's sitting through harsh rains and ferocious winds for nothing. Ryan Gosling is putting his life on the line every day to defend... nothing.
At the moment of hearing this information we all proceeded to grieve. Many of us denied it, many of us were angry, but to this day none of us have come to acceptance with this sad truth.
So that's been my week at the MTC. I'm only staying here two weeks so I'm already halfway through. I absolutely love it here and getting to meet the people from literally every corner of the world has been amazing. Its been hard for me because I've been sick the whole time and even had to rest a whole day instead of joining everyone with their activities. But even though I'm physically limited, I totally feel mentally ready to be a missionary. I can't imagine a better way to be spending my time than being here. I hope all of you are doing well out there in Utah! Sorry if this was too long. I cut down a lot out to fit because of time restraints and also because you probably dont want to read about the amazing qualities of all these people youll never meet.
Bis Spaeter!


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