December 16, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Cook

Week 67 Portia’s baptism!

Hey everyone,

Well, we had a good but eventful week. We had a good day Tuesday. The sisters made food for the whole district so we went and ate some dang good fried rice and then they made potato salad. I have no idea where they got the potatoes but it was way good!

Wednesday we taught a new guy named Ferdinand. I'm not sure if he will progress but we’ll see. We also did Portia's baptism interview so that she could get baptized.

We had a good day Thursday and Friday. We got Nana pretty much ready for baptism except for one thing... He called us Friday night and said that before he met us he was in the process of joining a society. He was almost finished joining it. It’s the Illuminati Society. He told us there was no way he can get out or he would. Before he met us he didn't think there were any good churches out there anymore. That is why he decided to join the Illuminati. Now he knows that our church is the true church! He has taken oaths and stuff in this society already. He doesn’t know if he can leave them. Elder Cook was pretty freaked out the whole time he was talking to us about it. We called bishop and we met with bishop and Nana Sunday evening. We got it sorted out. We just told him straight out that it’s not right. Hopefully he doesn't go all the way through with it. We will find out this week if he did or not.

Saturday we had the zone baptism. It was so cool! There was 11 people that got baptized and Portia was one of them. She was really happy and liked it. I was happy with the program for the baptism but there wasnt very many members that came. I was upset about that.

Sunday was good! Nana came to church and he even brought a friend for us to start teaching. Another member also brought a friend so we will start teaching him this week too. The work here is so much different then when I came. I'm pretty happy with how I've got it going now. The members are starting to see I'm serious now too, not just another missionary who is going home so he doesn't work. It’s kinda nice.

Other then that there isn't anything else. I hope this week is good.
Elder Orton

Pictures this week are the zone conference where I got my Christmas presents. Thank you! A haircut that I did for a friend. Portia’s baptism.


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