September 23, 2019


Tema, Ghana


Elder Takavingofa

Week 55- zone conference #2

Hey there,

This week was a little slow but the days are really flying by to be honest. We had zone conference for this area. I got to go to this conference and the one for the bush zones. I got to enjoy nice food twice this transfer haha but I had to sit through a meeting that was the exact same as the one before. That was boring but oh well.

The rest of the week we had people to see. On Wednesday we went and saw them. We couldn't see them two days in a row so Thursday was full of trying to find people to teach that are serious.

Saturday we found a few people to teach. Hopefully we can start getting the teaching pool a little more full. On Saturday we got to see some people that aren't around because of work through the week. It’s so weird going from the bush to here. In the bush people are always around but here they live like we do back home. They all live in nice fancy houses and have day jobs. It’s just so different here.

Sunday we had stake conference so that was fun to be around all the other missionaries again. We had two dinner appointments one at 1 and one at 4. They both fed us so much and I thought I was going to explode! It was nice though.

Today we had a stake party since today is a holiday for Ghana. That’s nothing new there’s a holiday every week I think. Each ward was assigned to cook a different food. Our ward cooked banku, tilapia and pepe. It was dang good!

That’s all hope for now. I hope everyone is doing good.

Elder Orton

Pictures this week are all the boys at zone conference


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