September 4, 2018


Ghana Accra MTC


Elder Owens

Week 1

Hey everyone! I really appreciate everyone’s emails! I love them so much but they only give me 30 minutes on the computer in the MTC so I don’t have time to respond to everyone. Please know that I love getting them and I read them all. My pday is Tuesday while I’m here in the MTC. The MTC is crazy! The food is so weird! One day we had some soup stuff with beef in it but when they cook they use all of the animal so there was part of the nose in one kids and there was skin with hair on it in mine. It was nasty! Other than that, it’s good enough to eat. My companion is Elder Owens from Sacramento California. We get along but he's not as social as me. It kills me because he'd rather go right to class and I like to take my time and talk with people. I know that’s surprising that I like to do that! We mostly just sit in classes all day and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have excersize time and I always take my rope down and rope kids feet in the gymn. The natives think it is so funny and they are all so interested in how it was made and they will sit and study it. It’s hilarious to watch them try and rope!! The people here are the nicest people I've ever met in the world! They are all so commited and want to learn. They know a heck of alot more about the gospel then anyone I've ever met in my life!

I haven't really been homesick; other than at night when I'm not doing things to keep me busy. The pillow case you made definitely gets to me every time I look through it. I think about Statton alot and wonder what he's thinking or doing without me.

It’s time for me to get off so I’ll email next week. Let everyone know I read there emails and that I loved them.

love Elder Orton


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