July 29, 2019


Big Lake, Texas


Payton Barney

Everyone has a purpose-week 21

This week went by in a flash and kinda forgot alot that happened but I'll try my best. First of all it was Elder Barneys last week so we spent alot of time in other people's areas which was super fun to hangout and work with other missionaries. It gets a little lonely out her in Big Lake sometimes😂😂

I was able to Skype into 2 people's baptisms this week that were people I taught in my last area. It's super cool to see how just over the course of a few months peoples whole perspective and countenance can change through Jesus Christ.

I was walking around while on exchanges last week we met a lady from Nigeria and she seemed a little interested and this week we ran into her again. She was way more open and is ready to learn more which was super awesome. She told me something that was amazing is that in her native language my last name Tomisin means "Almighty God I will Serve". I thought that was wicked cool when I heard it. Looks like Im always gonna be trying to live up to my family name😂😂

One thing that is nice about small branches is that we get to work with the few members we have alot and help strengthen them. I've really been able meet and teach man named Noah. Hes like 22 and fell off the path for a while, since I've been here he's started making some huge changes and gave up alot. Ive loved being able to share personal experiences of how i was able to find my answers and go on a mission. He has seen how much a mission has changed our lives and wants to go on one now. We just helped him finish his papers yesterday and that was a huge testament to me that repentance can truly change lives in short time if we are honest and willing to change and forsake our sins.

We got transfer calls and I was assigned to train a new missionary named Elder Lewis and stay in Big Lake. I'm excited and a little nervous but I think it will all go well.

Something that I felt I should share today is a couple lines from a song I heard that stuck out to me. It says "Moses had stage fright! David brought a rock to a sword fight! Jesus picked 12 outsiders nobody would have chosen and it changed the world. Everybody's got a purpose!" We may not know our individual purpose. I don't know mine all the way yet. But what I do know is that the lord choses people who are unlikely and shapes them into incredible. Just remember that no matter how insignificant you feel the lord has a plan. Trust in his plan for you and his timing.

I love each one of you so much! Thanks for all y'all have done for me!

Love Elder Tomisin,


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