November 23, 2018


CCM Mexico City MTC


Elder Ellenberg

Week 2

hey yall its been another week!! we were tasked this week in starting the Baby Cliffard it's another list of spanish words and phrases to memorize i still cant roll my rs but im getting there. its very difficult. this week went by like a blur compared to last week me and my comp still dont have anything in common except that he too thinks a dragon would win in a fight agianst a griffon. i love hearing from yall and cant wait to hear more. I wish i was having thanksgiving at home the food wasnt as good as your cooking mom but they did have real mash potatoes. this week i realized the joy in the little things mashed potatoes, snichers bars, and just being able to see all my family every day. i know i cant do that here but it will be an awesome reunion in 2 and if you think about it i only have one more thanks giving to go so it will fly by. my quote for yall this week is DandC 59 7-8 thou shalt thank the lord thy god in all things thou shalt offer a sacrifice unto the lord thy god in righteousness, evern that or a broken heeart and a contrite spirit. this quote spoke wonders to me i was overjoyed to find this only beacause i was on a mission, i miss my family, but the most important one was is that the lord asked me to serve a mission. always follow his example and teachings. i love yall so much sorry i dont have any pictures this week the mtc people dont let you take pics unless it is your pday so its hard to get them but i will next week i love yall so much the mtc is great i made a bunch of friends and there all fun i would never have made them on my own at home but i know we werent put together on accident i hope everyone is having an amazing time. i love all yall!! Live Love Learn Love Elder Amar
Tanner-- that was Grandma's favorite scripture too!!
i still have 15 minutes and it is a really cool scripture if you remember can you tell me why it was her favorite scripture oh wait i have a couple pics of my favorite scriptures ill send yall
Because she went through a lot of her life with a broken heart and a contrite spirit and she found God and knew her Savior very well!
i was trying to send you my favorite scriptures so far i have alot but the camera is being wierd ill figure it out later but a supper cool one i found was dand c 88 119 that one will be after my mission
really mom im doing good i wish me and my comp had something in common but he is a very very very practical person and he is a stay in side type of person which is okay but i am not

im having a good time here it really fun and just to be clear me and my comp do get along one thing i do wish is if tay emailed me but i know she is probably on a date and studying and my heart right now has to be focused on learning spanish to help the people on monterray

thats about it really ive has alot of fun here and still will enjoy having alot more fun. its funny to hear the stories people have and its fun to tell my own stories
soooooo cooool i love you so much i cant wait to hear the stories next week i love you soooooooooooo much it stinks to hear about jon but oh well some people are just poopy heads love you ive got to go talk to ya next week


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