August 7, 2016


Provo MTC


Elder Phan

I missed P day!!!

So I finished the third day here in the MTC. The first two days were most certainly an exercise in endurance. They were cool but incredibly tiring. I anticipated being put in a fast track program and only spending three weeks here but after the first day I figured it wouldnt happen. It sounds a little prideful but it was very boring to sit in the chinese class.Today was our first lesson. It seemed really odd to me to try and teach by the spirit to someone who was only pretending to be an investigator so last night I prayed that I would be able feel like I was giving a real lesson and feel the Spirit as we taught. My comp, Elder Kaufusi and I prepared the best we could (he didnt speak a lick of chinese) and went in to our lesson. We planned that I would do most of the introduction and getting to know the investigator and Elder Kaufusi would say the opening prayer. After the prayer the investigator asked us how to pray. I then asked him first if he believed in God. He told me that he had heard other people talk about Him but that he didnt really know anything about God. I proceeded to explain to him that God is our Heavenly Father and that he loves us and even though we may not know Him, He knows us. I began to choke up pretty bad as I told him that prayer was how we could talk with our Heavenly Father. I was almost baffled that I was feeling the Spirit that strongly with a role player. It truly was an answer to my prayers. Being a missionary is different. I couldnt explain to you in words how it feels other than I feel the spirit so much stronger and I already understand that Heavenly Father will answer my prayers to spread the Gospel. Even thinking about it right now it overwhelms me with how much he loves us.Well after the lesson my comp and I went into a room to do a review of what happened and what we could do better next time and someone came in to talk to me about fast tracking. He told me it probably wouldnt happen but that he would look into it. I still assumed that it wouldnt happen but then about an hour later another person came into the room and told me to grab my stuff and that I was being reassigned to another zone and that I would be getting a new companion. My new comps name is Elder Phan. I think he is a little intimidated that I am 23 and was in the military but he seems like he willl be cool. He is going to be serving in Vietnam (our new district is in english so it doesnt matter if we have different languages) and he is probably as intimidated as I am to be fast tracking. Now we need to move out of our rooms and hurry and hammer out some emails because we found out we were being transferred at 4:30 and today happened to be our new zone's Pday... so we pretty much just have enough time to write an email or two before we have to go back to class.


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