December 16, 2019


Morgan Acres


Elders Huber and Farley

Really big Darth Vader

Hey everyone,

What a week! There's been some awesome things happening over here in Morgan Acres! Let me just tell you about a few of the sweet things going on! Also a couple of funny stories...

Saturday was incredible! We had a baptism for a kid named Michael in the Morgan Acres ward and it went great! He is a nine year old who loves the Savior and even though he has kind of a crazy situation at home he still has a strong desire to come to church and be apart of everything! He's awesome!

Also on Saturday we went to the baptism of Kendall in the Shadle Park ward. I was there teaching her with Elder Judd throughout almost all of the lessons and she's the coolest! She was able to have her family there supporting her and they aren't members of the church so hopefully they felt the spirit strongly and it will help them want to grow closer to God.

Funny story really quick. So I live in a house with 6 other Elders and it's super fun! The other night we were sleeping and all of the sudden a lamp flicks on. Immediately all of us look up and over at Elder Hoover and he is sitting up and he's like "sorry guys, I don't know why I just did that". I look at the time and it's 1:30 Am. It was so funny! I was seriously dying laughing 🤣

One more thing really quick. So a lady we are teaching named Angi came to church yesterday! She's super solid and all she really needed was to really like church and so now she's right on track to be baptized! We are going to try to put her on date for baptism this week so I'll let you know how that goes.

I'll stop now so you don't all hate me for making this one long. Haha I hope you all have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood

Elder Webb

Some fun pics...

We found a dope star wars house that we went and explored.

We built and snowman with one eye 🔥


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