August 12, 2019


Shadle Park Ward


Elder Thorne

Walking a horse

Hey everyone!

This week was a good one! I ran into someone I knew from a long time ago. We did lots of service and found some new people to teach. Let's go...

On Saturday we went to do service at this big community event that they had going on at the High school. We were being fed beforehand at this place so we showed up early and we're about to walk in when I hear my name from behind me. I turned around to see my bishop from St. George! Shout out to Bishop Plumb! It was great to see him and talk with him for a few minutes! Another great manifestation that God is truly there and he knows each of us individually!

We did lots of service this week! We did a community event on Saturday where we just set up canopies and tables and things like that. It was a pretty good time! We also helped out an older lady named Joyce and it was super fun because we got to clean her horse and take it for a walk. I haven't ever really been around horses but it was cool! We also helped a guy move who really needed the help so that was a good feeling to help out.

Our finding this week was pretty good! We found 4 new people to teach! One cool miracle from that is a guy named Phil! We saw that missionaries had talked with him a few years ago and that he enjoyed it but then they stopped teaching him for whatever reason. We sent him a text asking if we could come by and share a message with him and he agreed. He actually texted back in like 2 minutes which never happens. We went by the next day and read 3 Nephi 11 with him and he said it answered lots of questions he had about baptism and he said that he is wanting to get baptized! He is actually in the Sisters area so they are the ones teaching him now and they went back yesterday and set up a day for his baptism! Super cool miracle!

This week we've been studying Elder Stevensons talks because he's coming to see us on Saturday which will be great! I just encourage you all to listen to the council from the modern Prophets and Apostles and follow what they have to say. I know that you'll be blessed if you do. Have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood

Elder Webb


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