February 18, 2019


Deer Lake/Chewelah


Elder Bedoya

Getting Stuck

Hey everyone,

This week was a great first week of the transfer! Elder Bedoya is a great missionary and we've been having a fun time. I'll give you a couple of highlights from the week real quick.

When I was in the Clayton ward this week we went and did service at this farm. We tracked down pigs that had escaped the gate and then threw them back in, it was pretty funny. We also went to a members house and they gave me some hot sauce called the bomb sauce. It was so hot! It had Carolina reaper in it and I almost died but it's all good.

Then we had transfers and Elder Bedoya and I headed up to Chewelah. We had a great lesson with Brandon and Deana and it went great! We taught the plan of Salvation and they really liked it. They said that they are going to pray about it and they invited us back for this week.

I hope that you all had a great week! This week continue to grow in your faith and you will be blessed. Also sorry about no pictures this week, I'll do better for next week.

Your friendly neighborhood,
Elder Webb
This is Elder Webb’s mom. We were able to see and talk with him today on a video chat. What an amazing blessing this new way to communicate with him is and we are so grateful for it! He told us that this morning he was driving and slid off the road into a ditch across the street from the church. He didn’t hit anything but their car was stuck {this is where his email subject line comes from}. Some awesome people that he reached to came and helped them push the car out.
I also have pictures from amazing thoughtful people who text them to me last week. I will add them to this email. Thank you all for your support while Seth is serving. We all appreciate it very much!
Love, Angie


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