October 29, 2018


Spokane, Washington


Elder Hilsen

He is our King

Hey everyone,

We had some more miracles going down this week! I'll talk a bit more about those in a minute. To start Jenny is still doing great and is still planning on being baptized on the 10th of November. She is super excited and so are we!

The first miracle that we saw was on Thursday. We were at a dinner with Trish at a member families house and we showed a video of the first vision. We talked about how she views the first vision now compared to when the missionaries first started teaching her. She said that she looks at it very differently now because she views it as something that actually happened instead of just a different religious belief. We asked her if she had a testimony of the Gospel and she said "yeah of course I do". We felt inspired to ask her to be baptized. She accepted and we set her baptismal date for December 8th! She still has some things that she is working through and it may take just a little more time but we are excited that she is progressing a ton.

Another miracle that happened was on Friday. We had some open time in the day and we were trying to think of something to do that would be most effective. When we have been out street contacting and tracting so far this transfer not too much has happened but we kept the faith up. We decided to go street contacting on one of the main roads that we had done it on before. We were walking for a while when we came to a stop light and had to wait to cross on the cross walk. We were standing there and a girl came up behind us so of course we start talking to her and she said that she wasn't very religious but she would be open to meeting with us. We have an appointment set up with her for tomorrow so that'll be cool! It was just pretty cool to have something happen after a long time of not seeing much.

That's about all for this week. I hope that you all have a great week and keep growing in your faith in Jesus Christ. Sometimes when I'm studying the scriptures, I'm not as enthusiastic about it as others so when that happens I always turn back to the atonement and it just brings the spirit right back. I encourage you all to study more about the Savior Jesus Christ. Read from the scriptures and find how everything is talking about Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and King and as we follow him we can find more joy and happiness in our lives than by any other way! Love you all and talk to you again soon!

Your Friendly Neighborhood

Elder Webb


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