June 18, 2018


Spokane, Washington


Elder Huff

Parties, parks, and pancakes

This week was a eventful one! It was super fun and we had some great memories come from it!

To start off on Monday we went to FHE and played some toilet paper dodgeball and that was sweet! Then we drive back home and our neighbor (a less active member named Traz ) is throwing this party with all this alcohol and everyone's smoking and stuff. It was just funny because it's litterlally the door next to ours since we live in a duplex with him. So Elder Sautter who is one of the elders we live with got hurt during p day so the mission nurse came to check on him and they pull up on this party outside of the apartment! Never thought this would happen as a missionary, but it was super funny and we all enjoyed watching it from the windows that night haha.

Something that Elder Huff and I have been doing a lot this week is going to this park called Manito Park. It's a big park over here and has lots of people that have all been super happy to talk with us! It's awesome to see that the Lord is preparing everyone that comes in our path. All we need to do is just talk with them! We talked to a lot of cool people at the park and one was this girl named Abigail. She lives here in Spokane and is a fifth grade teacher. She's super nice and open to talking with us! As we were talking with her a member from Utah actually came up to us and said “hey” and sent pictures to our moms and that was pretty sweet! The only thing is that we were in the middle of talking with Abigail, but it's all good because she just stayed there and we went back and talked with her some more! We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and she is working on reading it so that's super awesome! Hopefully she will be able to work with us some more!

Another cool thing this week was that we had stake Confrence and that was really good! We also had a waffle and pancake bar. It was good and we got to talk with the members some more!

Something that I learned this week was having faith to find. When we have faith to find we can see so many miracles! We have been giving out a bunch of copies of the Book of Mormon this week and talking with so many awesome people just because we have the faith to see these things happen! We haven't had any lessons quite yet, but we do have two scheduled for tomorrow as well as Wednesday so hopefully they go well!

I did get a bunch of pictures this week so hopefully you all enjoy haha

Have a great week everyone!

Your Friendly Neighborhood
Elder Webb

PS: Go Dibs!!! 2018 Champs! Still hyped about that!


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