June 11, 2018


Spokane, Washington


Elder Huff

Week of transfers

So this week started with Elder Williams and I spending our last few days together. On Monday we went bowling for the last time and that was fun! We also went to Camp Comia for P Day with the Zone. On Tuesday we also went to Camp Comia for the final time to do service there. It was kinda sad to say goodbye to Rande and the camp, it was always a good time there! We also went to dinner with Matt (our Ward mission leader) at this place called the Milk Bottle in Spokane and they had some really good milk shakes, so that was solid! Wednesday we had our last district meeting and that was sad too, but it'll be good to be able to see some more of the mission.

Thursday was transfer day so I packed in the morning and Elder Williams helped me since he is staying in Cheney. Then we went to lunch in Spokane Valley at Costa Vida and a bunch of other missionaries were there too, so that was fun! Then we went to the transfer sight at the Spokane East Stake center (which is by the temple). We got there and I found Elder Huff and we found our car and stuff. Then I said goodbye to Elder Williams and everyone else in our district it was pretty sad, but I'll see them all soon. So we drove to Spokane and found our apartment. That night we had a coordination meeting with our WML and we talked about the work in the area since we just swept in. It went well and we found out a lot of good information. We also went to Gonzaga since that is in our area, but we felt weird about it so we left. We later found out that we aren't aloud to proselyt there so we got the Spirit guiding us for sure!
These last couple of days with Elder Huff have been super cool. We have found quite a few potential investors and we did find one new investigator, her name is Camryn. Camryn was walking to meet her friend when we ran into her and she's super cool. We got her address and later went and gave her a book of mormon. She said she is going to read it and the restoration pamphlet. We will talk with her about them when we go back over tomorrow. Super excited about that!

Kinda a funny story, so Elder Huff is our district leader and it's his first time being in a district, so he had to go to New Leadership Training on Friday. The other Elders (that we live with) and I went back to our area after we dropped him off and we got some food at Pita Pit. Then a few hours later we went and got Elder Huff him and I went out trying to find some people. We get home that night and both of the Elder’s were just super sick on the floor. They were sick for a few days after that and still a little sick so hopefully they get feeling better soon.

Anyways I hope you all had a great week! My new address is 3728 1/2 E 27th Ave Spokane WA, 99223. If you want to send me anything.
Have a good week!

Your Friendly Neighborhood
Elder Webb


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