May 7, 2018


Cheney, Washington


Elder Williams

"We plan, we get there, all heck breaks loose"

Hey everyone,

This week we had some more lessons fall through but it happens. Hopefully it goes better this week!

Tuesday we had our regular service at Camp Comia and then we were supposed to have a lesson with our new investigator Peter, but that cancelled unfortunately. We actually found out that he left town and we aren't sure if he's coming back haha. Hopefully he does and we can have another lesson soon! Then we did have our only lesson of the week with Frederick. We taught him about the rest of the commandments that we needed to go over and that went very well! He has agreed to keep the all commandments at this point and is doing awesome!

Wednesday we went down to Ritzville. The drive is about 45 minutes from Cheney or so. When we got there we did service at a food bank for a few hours. Then we drove over to this little town called Odessa and that is another 45 minutes down the road. We tried to visit a few people over there but only one was home and we talked with him for a little while. Then we went back to Ritzville and had a correlation meeting. Then we were supposed to have a lesson with a guy named Judd but he wasn't home.

Thursday we actually had our last lesson with Brother Koontz and that was sad. I really like that guy but we'll still see him around. We did the lesson with the Sisters who are now covering the first ward. It was a good lesson and his whole family was involved.

Friday we had our district meeting in the morning and then later we drove up to Spokane for a lesson with Cesar but apparently he wasn't feeling well so then we went to dinner up there because we were supposed to be having a lesson with Frederick a little later. While we were at dinner they had the Warriors game on and I think I lost it hahaha I was super excited to see my Warriors play for a little bit. Then we got a call from Brother Palmer (the guy who we do lessons with Frederick) and he said that Frederick wasn't going to be able to do it. So that was a bummer but it happens.

Saturday we had more service, this one was with the Sisters at one of their investigators house and we moved dirt around for them and pulled weeds and stuff. Then we went to a baptism for some other Sisters in our district and that was awesome! It was a really good experience and I'm glad we were able to go! That took up most of our day and then we went to a YSA members house and they fed us a bunch of tacos for Cinco de Mayo so that was fun!

It was a pretty good week over all! I also managed to actually get some pictures this week so that's good haha.


1. The District
2. A little snowman we found when cleaning out the old appartment
3. A monkey at the food bank
4. Bowling
5. (Mom added) Elder Webb and Elder Williams was fed tonight (5/8/18) by a Scout leader at the church.

Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Webb


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