April 2, 2018


Cheney, Washington


Elder Peterson

Conference and Good Service

Hello everyone,

This week was a fun one! We started off on Tuesday with our regular service at Camp Comia (mom note: Camp Comia is a non profit retreat facility for youth and adults). We moved some things around, and got them ready to take out a window in one of the houses that they are going to be using for the kids to stay in. Camp Comia is so cool and the guy who runs it is such a good guy! He just wants to have a good place for all Christains to come and have a good time!

On Wednesday we went tracting pretty much the whole time. Which wasn't the greatest but it's all good, because we get blessings from doing it. I'll get to those blessings in a minute.

On Thursday we had more service at a missionary appartment in this town called Ritzville. We closed down the apartment because we had to combine that area with another. So we took all of the stuff out of it and cleaned it really good. We did this with some of the senior couples in the area, and then they took us out for pizza so that was great!

Friday we had two lessons. One was with a guy named Cesar. He has been on date (mom note: to be baptized) since I got here. He has some struggles with reading the book of mormon so we read it with him for a while. Then we had a lesson with a less active member named Andrew. Andrew is a good guy, I met him once before and he's a super nice kid. He's the same age as me and he is super good in lessons and such. Hopefully he starts coming to church because he would be awesome there!

Saturday started off General Conference and it was so cool! Being able to sustain a new Prophet was definitely an awesome expirence. Conference was so good this time around! I would highly recommend watching it, if you have not done so yet. Priesthood session was wild!! Definitely check that one out!
Sunday was more conference and it was really good as well! The first session was pretty chill, but then the second session came in with the heat. A historic confrence for sure!

Love you all! I hope everyone has a fantastic week! If you find anything cool you liked in conference you should totally share it with me or you have any questions for me, feel free to let me know. Talk to you next week!

Elder Webb


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