February 28, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Reid and Elder Muir

First Week!

Hello everyone!

The first week was pretty awesome! The first couple of days were kinda crazy, but it's so cool being here and meeting all these awesome people! I've seen lots of people I know here to which is awesome! The spirit is so strong here and there are so many ways to learn and grow. A really cool experience I had was a video from David A Bednar when he came to the MTC to give a devotional on Christmas a few years ago. The talk was called the Character of Christ and it was SO GOOD. He calls us as missionaries to do the best we can. He gives the example of people talking about what there grandfathers have done, but he says what have you done lately? It's super powerful! He had some awesome stories and experiences in that talk and I loved it!

Overall everything is going well. I'm in a trio so I have two companions and that's pretty cool. It's Elder Reid and Elder Muir (mom note: Both are from Utah. Elder Reid is from Kearns and Elder Muir is from West Valley). They are good guys and we get along pretty well. The other two districts in our zones are leaving tomorrow and that's sad, but it's exciting that they get to teach people about the gospel.

I love you all and I'll talk to you soon! Feel free to email me personally if you want to talk and I'd love that. (Mom note: You can click on the blue square that reads send an email to Elder Webb here on My Mission. Also Elder Webb didn't send any pictures from the first week. I will remind him to send pictures so we can all see his cute smile!)

Love you all!

Elder Webb


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