August 31, 2017



Elder Whiting

Last week in MTC!

Well everyone the day is soon upon us when i will leave the MTC after being here for 9 weeks (1/10) of my mission! I got my FLIGHT PLANS to Romania! First, flight to Minnesota with a 5 hour lay over to then board another plan to Netherlands so if anyone of you wanna meet me in the NETHERLANDS just make a small trip (Joking) , And following a trip from Netherlands to Bucharest/ Romania! It is super exciting to be entering the field were the reality is about to kick in! I know i am not going to understand a word they say in Romania but will be a good time! I was also blessed to be the travel leader which means i am in charge of making sure we get to the plane on time! There are only three of us flying together. (Elder Whiting, Elder Martindale, and myself) We are all going to Romania/ Moldova speaking Russian and we are all in the same district so its insane we get to do it together!

The weeks fly by here at the MTC and i love my District so much, we have bonded so close with them in juts a small amount of time! I know I am going to miss them so much! Same with my Zone, so because i am Zone Leader I am in charge of everyone in the zone and there are about 80 people in our zone speaking 1 of 7 languages! I am grateful for everything they have taught me, they have done so much for me and everyday they are telling me to come to BYU! So there is a big potential I could becoming straight back to America straight after the mission which would be insane and something that would be unreal! But we will see what happens after the mission!

I have learnt so much just like being able to connect with everyone and making sure everyone feels that they are loved and included! I have grown so much but can't wait to grow so much more both spiritually and physically! I am so grateful for this mission and everything it has done for me and the pile loads of information i have learnt is insane!

So, as a zone we play Volleyball because it is the only sport we can play with 80 people as we take up three courts! And we have been playing that ever since we got to the MTC but on Sunday our Zone presidency band everyone from playing volleyball as some of the elders were getting really competitive so that was a massive blow and i know it doesn't sound like a big deal but when you are working 16 hours a day you want to play sport so that was disappointing but we played soccer today and i scored like 7 goals and a couple of assists which is too easy but it is fun they are really good at sport over here but soccer is my sport!

We taught our last Skype TRC yesterday which was awesome it's insane to think i am teaching full lessons in Russian and talking with people who have been speaking Russian for so much longer then i have! But it is amazing and i love it so much its crazy how you can be talking to someone on the other side of the world and still can feel the spirit!

But on the real note, Its is becoming real now as i am about to leave the MTC bubble and go into the real world again to a place where i can't speak there language and a place i have never been before but i know that with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on my side i can do anything and even though i am going to a crazy part of the world i am still gonna love it so much! I know this gospel to families and individuals and i know how much it has blessed me and i want it to bless so many other peoples lives! I encourage you to find out for yourself if there is a God and what i am doing is right the way to find out is to pray if you read the Book of Mormon and pray about it sincerely wanting an answer i know it will change your life, seek out the missionaries and they will teach you the way to become better and change for the better!

I know this Church is true and i love every second of living this gospel! It has brought more joy to me then i could comprehend and i just want everyone to have that same feeling! I and so grateful for my parents and everything they have done for me and how they raised me the right way.

I hope that if you are reading this you will feel the truthfulness of what i am saying, I don't normally do this but it will bless your life if you do what i say i can guarantee it with my whole life!

I love you all so much and miss you so much I can't wait to email you pictures of my new country for 2 years! I hope you are all going so well and staying safe!
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