August 2, 2017



Elder Whiting


Awww thats awesome that you can get more photos from Elder Whitings mum!
AWW I am sad I missed it! it would be awesome if you could send through the video of them doing the runway! I would love to see it!
1. Yes I received 3 packages this week, 1 from Jamie which was awesome I loved it so much and then 2 other packages that were ordered off amazon and delivered to me which was weird cause I have no idea who they are from which is weird! the first one was from Nathan Morton (Michelle Campbell) and it contained RedVines, M&Ms, and a pic of the Saviour! But was awesome to get packages it feels like christmas haha!
2. The language is going pretty good i have memorised a lot but i stilll have some much and you don't know where to start! I need to knuckle done and work super hard!
3. 157 arrrghhh that's really bad i eat so much here! I am gaining weight so quickly! I will probably start going to the gym instead of playing basketball!
4. I am really good friends with all the missionaries and I am really good friends with the older group who leave in 2 weeks, it will be sad when they leave!
5. Yes I do have them on my list! are they not getting my emails or something?
6. My biggest challenge would be patience and humility, I don't get angry but I get annoyed when other people do certain stuff but besides that I am happy like 99.99% and i love all the missionaries in the zone.
7. Highlight was getting packages and doing the tours, cause everyone loved my accent and would just stop and talk to me for ages!

its insane that it has already been a month! the weeks go so quick here and all days feel like they are merged together! The 16 hr days are long but super fun!
Yes I am trying to write every night as best as I can! I am doing so good so far! I think I have only missed like 3 days!
Lots of Love,
Elder Dumbrell


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