July 20, 2017



Elder Whiting

Week 3

Hey Everyone Hope you are all having a blast and staying safe! The MTC is amazing and i am loving every bit of it! There is no better place to be then the MTC except for the Temple!

The last week has gone by so quick and it cant believe this is already my third week which is insane! Felt like yesterday i entered the doors of the MTC!
So a lot has happened in the past week but the main highlight would be the MTC tours! The MTC is hosting everyday from 4-9 tours for the public to come and look at the new buildings and the MTC and what we do in this place! My companion and i were able to host a tour which was awesome! This job entailed getting on a bus to pick up a bus load of people and then introduce ourselves and explain what was happpening and then after that we were there just mingling with the group through the walk and answering any questions they had! It was good opportunity to show the outside world what happens in the mtc and be able to answer there questions and feel the spirit with them!

Sunday was another amazing day as some of the Elders and Sisters provided a musical number which was amazing and made the spirit so strong which was awesome! Followi8ng sacrament and the classes after our Zone went and walked around the temple and then found a spot next to the temple and sung hymns together for the last time as some missionaries were leaving to enter the field! it was an uplifting experience. The last song we sung was Nearer, My God to thee! So grateful to meet those missionaries and be able to spend a small time with them and get more insights!

As a zone we play volleyball together everyday! Legit the whole volleyball would be run by The Russians and no one would dare play with us, but since the tours have been annouced we cant play volleyball anymore because they are scared we will hit a person on the tours! we are so sad because the tours last for 6 weeks so we wont be able to play volleyball anymore at the mtc!

There have been a lot of spiritual experiences here at the MTC not only with the gift of tongues but also with devotionals which are every sunday and tuesday night! The awesome thing about the Gift of tongues is it is only giving to us when we are working to better serve the people! It doesnt work if we are just trying to learn the language to make ourselves look better or to boost ourseleves but instead we learn the language to show our love to the lord and to the nt to be able to speak perfectly so that we can say the things which the spirit wants us to testify of when teaching an investigator!

So, there are some crazy statistics here at the mtc! Every Wednesday new missionaries come in, there are about 500-700 missionaries per week which are insane! There are currently 2700 missionaries here at the MTC which is over capacitated! They cant even fit all the missionaries in the big hall! but instead have to sit them in rooms so they can watch it on the tv!

The lines for the cafeteria go outside the buiding and go for like a 100 mtters just full of missionaries! But luckily the Russians are in the earlest session which is awesome so we skip it!

Please let me know how you are all doing i am able to read emails during the week but i just cant respond so send anytime you want so i can read them before p-day and therefore have more time to reply to your emails!

I know this church is true! and i love it with asll my heart! if i didnt know this i would be sacrificing 2 years of my life to serve the Lord! I know that if you read the Book of Mormon and pray about it you will be able to know the same things i know and that you will be able to be enlightened and be changed for the better!

I love you all and miss you all so much!
Stay Safe!
Love Elder Dumbrell


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