July 12, 2017



Elder Whiting

Answers - Week 1

Hey Mum!

(Each week I send Elder Dumbrell questions to answer, here are the answers):

No, i am not in the new building but we go there for PCL (Personal, Companion, Language Study) its and awesome building and has wall sized pictures of the Sons of Mosiah going to the lamanites and another one is Moses crossing the the Red Sea with everyone behind him and plenty more will take pictures of them all.

My Companion is Elder Whiting, he is from Saratoga Springs and is awesome and we get along so well! He was the guy i talked to previously entering the Mtc.

So in our District there are 4 elders and 3 sisters Elder Paul and Elder martindale are the other two elders and the sisters are in a trio. Sister Gubernick, Sister Jex, and Sister Johnstone.

The Food is really good more then i got at home haha jks. But its mostly new stuff i havent had before which is good!

Yeah sleep is good was finding hard to fall asleep at the start but it is easy know that i have adjusted to the schedule,.

My best experience would be teaching maxcm our investigator and the first two lesson werent that great cause we could barely speak Russian but the third one went really well and made him pray infront of us.

Most challenging would be there language as everyone in the class learnt the alphabet prior to coming to the mtc and so i was immediately behind everyone and that was tough but then i learnt the alphabet and i am doing way better now and able to read russian words! The LAngaue is awesome but extremely hard which is fun!\

Yes i see Sister Pauga all the time and we always talk which is awesome and its great to see people i knew before the mission.

Yes i have see sister Kefu always say hi and see how she is going which is cool! Rarely see Sister Munro but do see her quite a bit! but its awesome that i get to see all the girls!

But in general the Mtc is amazing and love it so much its a blast and am learning so much!

Love you mum, miss you a lot!


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