October 9, 2017




Elder Ribitsky

First Haircut, JW's, Last Supper

Time flies when your having Fun!
Well there goes another week, I don't know what it is but time flies here!

I finally got my first hair cut in Moldova! Lets just say i wasn't too excited to get this as i can't explain how i want her to cut my hair and i am afraid they will just shave it off! Any way we got there and it turned out to be the best experience ever!!! She was a perfectionist and did exactly what i wanted her to do! But that isn't even the best bit! She asked me at the end if i wanted her to wash my hair so i said "Yeah why not" obviously in Russian. And lets just say that was the best thing ever! I don't know why it was so good but it was probably because i had just played soccer for 2 hours and smelt horrible but i felt so clean afterwards.

So in Chisinau every year they do a a marathon through the centre of the city! And they close the main road of the centre which is terrible as we have to walk everywhere because of it! But they have really cool shirts that are for sale which you can get if you run in the race! So we all wanted one so bad but they said they were only going to sell them on the Sunday so therefore we couldn't buy any which was disappointing. So we kept going and then three days later one of the members came in and chucked his bag on the ground! We were just like what the heck and then he opened it. Inside there were a backpack for each of us with a shirt and a medallion that said we completed the 42km race which was super mind blowing and then he said they were free! So there you go everyone a prime example of obeying the Sabbath day!

And i am proud to say we have had our first conversation with some Jehovah Witnesses. We were just contacting when these two ladies approached us! (Now you can always tell who JW's are because they dress up like rich people and they walk in pairs and normally there will be a massive age difference between them both) So two women approached us and said they wanted to talk and because no one understands English my companion and i just talk in English so no one understands! And he was like they are JW's. So one was in her 40's and the other one was like 80's. And every time the older one tried to talk the younger women would literally tell her to be quiet and not speak and that she would handle it and try and prove us wrong! She did this like 5 times to this older woman who was supposed to be her companion. And she did it so much that she apologised to her companion right in front of us! So that was interesting and then the other one was going off and saying what is the name of Jesus and some other stuff! The younger one kept saying that if you dont carry a bible around with you everywhere then you can't have the spirit with you. So finally after 40 mins they left and we could finally get back to contacting.

We also had a Music night were we got different people to perform and invited all our investigators which was an awesome experience as we were able to hear other missionaries and members and even investigators play music numbers for everyone! It was an awesome night and a place where i could feel the love and that the chapel where we had the music night was a place that anyone could be and not be judged for who they were! It was an awesome experience for everyone who attended.

We went Russian contacting where all the Russians contacted together and we had a massive poster on display and then on the side a table which had Books of Mormons all on it and a sign that said "We speak of Christ, We preach of Christ and we are of Christ! It was awesome to preach in a big group and then out of nowhere this old guy comes (Currently has a smoke in his mouth and probably the dirtiest person you have ever met) and pick up a Book of Mormon and he said how much was it and we said it was free but then he chucked some money on the table and we said no it was free so he took the money back. Then he starts to pick up all of the Books of Mormons and take them but we said no so he dropped them and walked off with a Russian Book of Mormon and an Armenian copy too! The joys of contacting as people think we are just selling books or giving away free books!

And then to finish off the week we had a last meal with Elder Morgan as he is going home! So we went to Beef Burgers which is this nice place which is super cheap and the burgers are so nice! So we had all the Russian Elders and Romanian Elders at dinner which was a special opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each others company!

I am so grateful for how much i am learning out here and how much the gospel is changing me for the better and making me a better person! I know it can do the same for the rest of you as long as you put your whole heart into being better. I know this church is true and i am grateful for that knowledge and i am grateful for everyone who has supported me and always been then for me! I know the Book of Mormon is True and will change your life for the better!
I miss you all so much and hope all is well back home!
Старейшина Дамбрелл


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