September 25, 2017




Elder Ribitsky

Flooded Church, Classic Vegemite and Milo for breakfast!

I hope you all had an amazing week and things are sweet back in good old Australia!

Well every morning i start my day with 4 pieces of bread with butter and vegemite and a cup of Milo! Then i sit back in my chair and just relax and it makes me feel like i am back in Australia haha! It is the best routine and if anyone ever sends me a package which probably won't happen make sure you put 2 years worth of vegemite and Milo! Thank you!

We had our first lesson with one of our new investigators Maxcim! We taught the restoration and showed him the video of the restoration! He said it was beautiful and he loved it! We gave him a book of Mormon and he was super excited to read it so hopefully he will be free this week to have a lesson!

We also had a service project for our branch president were we had to move wood to his house and we had to trvle like an hour on the bus to get to his house! But then we went contacting next to this bakery where they shoot out the smell of the food they are making to attract customers. So lets just say it works hahah! I had two of the best Apple and pastry! Aww i can't explain how amazing they are right now! You are probably wondering why i am evening talking about food but this was the best thing in the world and of course it was covered in icing which topped it off and i think i am going to visit that pretty often now!

We also has a lesson with Konstantine which was good as i hope he is still committed to be baptised on the 29th of October! As you know he has been investigating the church for like 3 years and i hope we can seal the deal and baptise him as it will be the best decision he has ever made!

This week we had interviews with President and Sister Hettinger! That was super awesome, it was a good opportunity to talk to them and get to update them about the work in Moldova! But after the interviews we were on our way to a lesson with a member when we got a call from the Zone leaders saying that the church was flooded! So we quickly rushed there to see the damage! So let me draw a diagram in your head about the chapel! It is three stories high and the main chapel is on the bottom floor and and the second story has the kitchen and some class rooms and then the third floor is just one classroom! Any way we get to the chapel and we walked in and there was nothing but then we went to the second floor and the whole second floor was covered with like 4cm of water because the toilet piper bursted! Therefore all the missionaries came and we all had towls soaking up the water which took like an hour!

The night before we went to smokehouse which is a restaurant that is owned by Americans and so that means everyone who works there has to know English and the menus and everything are in English! And every Wednesday they have wings night so we went there and the wings are amazing and it is kinda of a tradition in the Romanian and Russian missionaries which is super fun!

Then we had Zone Conference on Friday. That means all the missionaries of Moldova gather together for a meeting with President his with and the Assistants to the President! It was a full day but was super awesome as i got to see Elder Martindale who was with me in the Mtc and because i learnt so much from the meeting and it pumped me up so hard to talk to people!

Then following we had family night with the members and played Yahtz with them which was super fun and an awesome way to talk with investigators and non members!

And then on Saturday we had a ward activity were we all gathered at the chapel and hopped on a bus and went to these Jewish Orthodox Monasteries which was super weird! For starters the Monasteries were like an hour away from the chapel and when we got there in side the churches there were beautiful paintings but they also had pieces of the saints who lived in the pass and they had parts of there bodies in this little containers! So that was interesting and after that we went to another one where it was all women and they were dressed in fully black and covered from head to toe except the face! So there were just all these women walking around and doing the cross on there bodies which they actually do because they believe that if you don't do it you are possessed by demons! So they even had this page on how the demons work and how if you do the cross wrong the demons cling on to you! It was super weird and creepy!

The last thing happened is when me and my companion and Elder Whiting and his companion were on the bus and of course it was packed to the max so i was legit touching four people at once! But Elder Whiting forgot to get off at his stop, so therefore his companion got off and Elder Whiting didn't! So Elder Whiting got off at the next stop to walk back! After me and my companion got home and got changed and went to go back for dinner Whitings companion called and he still hadn't found him and so we had to walk like 20mins of lowkey running in our suits looking for him! And we finally found him at the house while his companion was still at the bus stop! So that was an adventure and pretty crazy cause he didn't have a phone!

But that about wraps up this week and all the crazy stuff i probably forgot! And also i know i make a lot of mistakes and it probably doesn't make sense but just remember i am learning a new language aha!
Thank you all so much for you support and everything that you do! I love you all and miss you heaps,
Старешина Дамбрелл


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