September 17, 2017




Elder Ribitsky

Soviet Watches and Money

This week flew by so quickly and the days are merging together!

Well the real question is where do i start! Last Monday i had to get my blood test to see what type i was so i could get my Visa! It was the weirdest thing ever because we walked in and the hospital is super small and it doesn't have air-con so i am low key dying and it is packed like everything else in Moldova! So Elder Solov'ioi asked them what we had to do and so we were told to go up stares and get our blood checked! We went up the stairs and again super hot and a lot of people just waiting for one doctor but luckily we just got to walk in and get it done straight away! But i am telling that didn't prepare for what was next! We had to give our passports so we could get it and then she pulls our this weird big needle and at this point i was rolling up my sleeve but i was the stupid one and didn't realise they just poked your hand! And so she pricks under my nail and it killed and i was shocked and then she was like effusively squeezing my hand to get the blood out so that was a funny experience!

So unlucky me got sick this week! I still have a blocked nose, but i had a sore chest, massive headache and a sore throat! But i just slept in and left the apartment at 12 so i didn't miss to much time! But it was nice as other Elder's brought me medicine which helped a lot and my companion gave me a blessing and i was pretty good to go after like 2 hours which was an amazing blessing! But i am feeling a lot better now and am not as sick as i was!

So Me and Elder Whiting's trainers hit there one year mark in the field so we went to celebrate at an Italian restaurant! It was pretty good food and a good experience! So when it comes time to pay they just bring a receipt and everyone puts there money on the table and you just leave! But not all the time you have the right amount! So Elder Whiting had to put 200 lei down and was expecting change! So the waitress came and collected it and when she came back she didn't bring any change so Elder Whiting gave her like a 100 lei tip haha! It was so funny and we couldn't stop laughing!

So we were just walking and we walked past this guy called миша (Misha) who works at an ice cream stand! And Elder Rybitski has always talked to him and as we walked past he said lets teach him a lesson! So we taught him the whole first lesson which was super cool and i felt the spirit so i hope he felt it to! We got his number and will visit with him asap because he is pretty interested!

Then on Friday night we had Family night which was awesome as it is a good opportunity to meet the investigators and have fun with the members as there are not a lot of them! So we all just said one thing we like and so i said Vegemite and everyone was like what the heck so one of the Elders in the Mission has Vegemite and gave it to me so i showed everyone and then some of the members were eating it like straight of a spoon and i was like what the heck are you doing ahah so they all didn't like it obviously haha! But it was funny to watch there faces squirm as they tasted it!

For a new idea on how to make contacting more effective we did Tie contacting which was super fun! It is were we put like 40 ties around a missionaries neck and ask people on the street to ask how many ties he is wearing! It was super successful as people don't really want to talk to guys in white but they would all guess and that would leave an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves and talk about the gospel! So that was sweet as!

On Sunday we had to go to church super early because we didn't have toilet paper haah typical Elders! But on the way to the chapel i forgot and realised i didn't shave so we went to Elder Whiting's apartment so i could shave and my companion could go the toilet haha!

So while we were waiting for church to start one of the YSA girls comes in with her mission called! SO everyone was like what the heck haha! And because here in Moldova it is super rare for people to go out on Missions! So after sacrament meeting everyone gathered around for her to open her call! Everyone wrote down there guess and my guess was London! Btw her name is юля (ulia) she speaks fluent Russian and Romanian as everyone is like that here! So she opened her call and immediately started to cry and couldn't even read it! So someone had to read it for her and she was called to the Birmingham Mission speaking English! It was crazy cause they normally serve in Romania or Ukraine! But everyone was celebrating and as they were all gathered around it each other i felt the spirit so strong as they all love each other so much and because they are so small in size they are just so obedient and amazing people over here!

And the last of all Nicolas who recently got baptised got a letter from the army saying that he has to join! Because over here is your are in between the ages on 18-25 and you don't have a job or study and are healthy they send you to the army! So this was super devastating but instead he chose to move to Russia and live with his dad so he doesn't have to join the army which is super bad over here and no one wants to join! So it was sad to see him leave but hopefully he will meet missionaries in Russia as i know a lot of missionaries serving in Russia!

And the last thing i brought to Soviet watches today which was super awesome!
The picture will be attached at the bottom! One of them is just fully painted gold/ gold plated! Which is super sick and they both are mechanical so they never die! And they other costed a bit more and it made out of real gold and iron which was super cool to see! They were both from the soviet time and are really nice watches! I am so happy everything is super cheap over here!

I am so grateful to serve a mission in such an amazing place in the world! I love this gospel and how is brings unlikely people together and brings people to eternal joy! I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and through reading and praying about the Book of Mormon we can know the truth of all things!

I love you all and miss you all so much!
Elder Dumbrell


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