June 29, 2017


La Palma, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Elder Keffer


Hey everyone,

I'm writing this on a bus(guagua) on the way back to our piso from an
exhausting hike we just did. My body is about ready to faint. The hike
was about 4 hours and 10 kilometers. With a LOT of up and down hill.
More like up and down Mountain. But it was super pretty and ended at
the ocean. I'm super glad we did it. My legs just feel like Jello.
Not sure what to say...

Being a district leader is tough. You want everyone to do well and
follow the rules and be happy, but they have agency too. Something
that made me laugh was a thought about The Office. When Michael Scott
is talking to some boss and saying how he needs to be everyone's
favorite and the funniest best guy out their. Did I tell that to you
already? But anyway I like the area and the people and the ward. It's
all good stuff.

It's really hot here in la Laguna. That's the town/ ward boundaries.
Theirs a couple other wards on this island. The whole islands all
together are actually a stake.

He funny story! We are 99% sure we got followed home one night this
past week! We went through like a long tunnel on the way home. It was
a short cut. It was dark and time to be in our house. So we were
walking fast when we noticed this guy walking fast behind us. We
started walking faster, making like turns and stuff at every block. He
was still behind us. So instead of going home, we went onto the
electric train thing to take us away. Then we went a different way

We want to get a baptismal date for a couple investigators... but it's
not working out so well. We just need to be able to meet with these
people. Also, we need to find news! We aren't going anywhere until we
find somebody new to teach. Also, president challenged the whole
mission to read the Book of Mormon in about a month. So I'm doing
that. I'm on track if I read about 20 pages a day. I love you all!
Glad girls camp was good, have fun in scout camp! Stay away from the
heat! Love you,

Elder Brasher


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