July 3, 2017


La Palma, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Elder Keffer


Hello family,

This weeks been great! We are working hard. I'm trying to think about
what we did... we basically have two who have been
investigators for a long time. Ones name is Isabel and the other is
Alejandro. But no news.. we really need to figure out how we are going
to find new investigators. The president asked the whole mission to
teach all of the members in your area e restoration. So we are doing
that. We've only taught a few families so far, but they seem to feel
the spirit. It's really good practice for us as well, with our
teaching abilities. I think that because our mission doesn't teach or
baptize as much compared with other places in the world, our ability
to teach the lessons goes down because we don't do it or practice as
much. A lot of time is spent finding. Just trying to break the ice
with people in the street, trying to gain relations and trust with
people, and then going into the gospel. Normally as soon as people
stop long enough to read my chapa( nametag) the say 'no thanks' and
keep going. But it's okay. We are working on teaching the members,
it's great practice. We also are trying to get our teaching of the
whole restoration down to under 5 mins. Hopefully by doing this the
lord will bless us with new investigators.

Our missionary president also challenged us to read the whole Book of
Mormon this transfer. He gave us the challenge with about five weeks
left, and now theirs 3 weeks left. I'm in Mosiah right now. I
calculated it out, about 20 pages every day. It's difficult, because I
must read during personal study and language study as fast as I can to
do it. And I'm reading in Spanish, which isn't too hard but slows me
down if I don't understand something. It's hard because I need those
times to prepare district meetings and study for investigadores too!
So in the morning before we go out and when we come home at night I
try to cram some more study in. It works out well, it's making me
really focused on being a missionary.

Our investigator Alejandro has been difficult this past week. We've
been planning a baptism for him in about two weeks. But things haven't
worked out to meet with him this week, which isn't good. He also is
quitting smoking, and has some doubts and questions. My companion
really wants to see him baptized, and I do too, but we may need to
take our time a little bit. We want to read the Book of Mormon with
him some more, to help him understand it.

Isabel is way farther from baptism, but is a member reference. So
she's got great member support. We just need to help her follow those
small commandments. Reading and praying. This past week we did service
for her! She's trying to sell her house. This past week we painted a huge wall with just a
few roller brushes we had. We had to get on tall ladders, and the wind
was just incredible! I thought i would fall a couple times... I'll
send a picture of it.

Today for preparation day we stayed in town. We are going to go to
some shops. I might buy a Tenerife jersey. Tenerife is trying to move
up to division 1 with all the good teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid,
and atlético Madrid. It's really interesting.

I love that nates Interested in engines! Maybe he will be a mechanical
engineer. He can show me how to rebuild engines and stuff in the
future. And I saw him welding In The picture dad sent! That's awesome!
We can build a role cage on a car. Oh and happy birthday Nathan! Haha
I'm sorry I forgot. But tomorrow is July forth. Does that mean your
birthday is the 3rd of July? That's nuts! We thought is was so weird
that tomorrow is americas independence... loco crazy!! The time is
just flying by.

Sounds like summer is awesome. Super busy too. It's gonna be over
before ya know it! How's Joey doing? House Brooke? I'll send her an
email? How's grandpa Gene? And grandparents and cousins and stuff?

Love you all so much! Say hi to the cousins in Utah for me! Say hi to
the other Brasher's if you see them too!

I know the church is true! I went to bear my testimony yesterday and
it was a good feeling! Remember to read the Book of Mormon every day.
It's the base for everything we know about the restoration!

Elder Brasher


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