May 24, 2017


Guadalajara, Spain


Elder Bodhaine

Great week!

This week has been a good week! We've been honestly having a lot of
lessons, which is strange. Normally that doesn't happen. But we've
mainly been meeting with our two investigators who are progressing a
lot. Juan and Enrique. Enrique was prepared by God to be baptized
really. We are just teaching him he best we can and he is just
understanding and believing it all. He is set to be baptized the 10 of
June. We're excited for him. Later is Juan, is is also set to be
baptized the 10 of June. He understands well, but just applying it to
himself is what's tough I think. He's got another focus right now
also, which is trying not to get deported from the country. We are
helping him, animating him to keep fighting. To get papers, and get
things done so he can take care of himself. He also smokes. And from
what I can smell, not just a little. He shouldn't do it if he can't
even pay for his apartment, but he's addicted. With all the stress and
struggle going un, I think he's smoking a lot more as well. What we
need to do is find more investigators. We have these two, and a few
other stragglers, but we must keep searching. Love you all so much,
miss you. Keep hold of the iron rod, the word of God.
Love you,
Elder Brasher


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