February 20, 2017


Guadalajara, Spain


Elder McDade


Hey everybody!

This week has been a week of miracles! I don't understand how it
happened, but some pretty cool things happened this week. There were
some challenges as well, I'll explain it all!

One thing really amazing is that we received a new investigator this
week! And he is Golden! His name is Joan, he's from the Dominican
Republic, and he's 17 years old. We found him from member missionary
work! Is past Tuesday night, we had the noche de Hogar like we always
do for the ward. (Family home evening) we teach a lesson, there's food
and we play games. One kid Miguel in the ward brought his friend! And
at the end introduced us. Well I talked to him a little, gave him a
Book of Mormon, and set an appointment for Thursday. Well, that lesson
went great! We taught The restauración. The spirit was so strong, and
at the end Joan accepted the invitation to be baptized.

I should say also, his mom is catholic, dad a testigo de jehovah. But he doesn't
feel good in either one of these churches... anyway we invited him to
church Sunday, and when he came, he was wearing a suit! Holy cow! He's
ready. He's already got a really good friend in the church. From
coming on Sunday, he's going to the EFY that they do in Spain, he's
already read a ton in 1 nephi, he likes it way better than the
Bible... and tonight we have a lesson and fecha planned to extent for
the 18 of march! I testify that this is how missionary work gets done!
Through the members baby! It's very incredible to see all this
happening. I just hope I don't screw it up.

Thank you so much for all your fasts and prayers, god listens to them as well, I know it. I can
see it! Gods love is so great! I'm so great full to be here sharing
it! I am feeling so many blessings coming from him. It's the best
thing ever.

Our investigator Carlos is doing pretty great as well! He needs a
friend in the church. We didn't get to meet with him last week because
he had a lot of work to do... but he came to church! He brought up his
question again in gospel doctrines class about why there's so many
churches in the world... we've explained it to him, and the teacher
our ward mission leader addressed it too. He's got to pray to find the
answers. Our bishop bore a powerful testimony that the only real
answers come from within our hearts. From god, by the Holy Ghost.

I think I'll text him right now and invite him to read 1 nephi 13.. and
pray. We have a lesson on Wednesday, but maybe he'll have time to read
on his own. We need to invite him To be baptized as well.

We also God a random call from someone who wants to hear our message!
We have a CITA tomorrow with her. Someone named milagros( miracles).
That name sounds familiar to me.

All day Wednesday, we are going to have a tri-zone conference! Huge! A
member of the 70 is coming. Missionaries from the north are coming to
our piso tomorrow to spend the night. They are going to get everything
so dirty...

One hard thing this week is that my companion elder Mcdade has been

These pictures of Joey are great! He looks very old. But I love it!

Anyway, love you all! I'll send the videos

Love you and miss you!

Elder Brasher


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