September 26, 2016


A Coruna


Elder Hollist


Hola familia!

This past week has been great! I can't remember what I did... Haha so I'll have to check my journal to remember real quick. Okay so we basically contacted all day Tuesday, which was pretty good. We received one referral. Wednesday we went to district meeting, and a couple elders from a different district joined us for that. Elder Cuevas and elder Jones. Elder Cuevas played professional fútbol before the mission, which is awesome. He doesn't speak much English which is awesome too. We also taught a black guy named Martin, who we found on
the street. He likes religious stuff, and learning more about bible stuff. So we shared the restoration with him, and he seemed pretty doubtful about the Book of Mormon, but had some sincere interest I think. He said he would read it in a nice calm place. On Wednesday we went to a members house to each lunch. Hermana rosa is her name. She's really old and kinda lonely I think. So every now and then she invites missionaries over to eat and starts going off about something that was hard in her life... But she cooks way good food! I've gotta learn how to make a tortilla de potata... That's a classic Spanish dish. Another classic food from Spain is a ham leg! Just about every market has ham legs, that are traditionally cured in like oil or acid or something,
then hung up to sit for a long time. I guess it's good. I've never bought one. It's seriously just a leg. I'll take a picture one of these days.
Okay, so this is transfers week I mean next week! We are going down to Vigo(like way far!) For zone conference this Thursday. I'll most likely stay here, but have a different companion come up to greeny
break me. I can't believe this transfer is over already. Way fast.
Okay so there's another guy who was a ton of potential. IM praying so hard for this guy to be prepared to listen to what we do. I think he is. I contacted him on the street one night, explained we were here to share a message about Jesus Christ and his restored gospel through Joseph smith, and that we have he Book of Mormon as evidence. Then I asked for his number so we could meet and explain more. He was just like, "yes" and gave it too us... Wow! He took the first lesson so well, understood Moroni's promise perfectly, and seemed so grateful
for our message on the restoration. He then came to church with us this Sunday! And he HAD BEEN READING. He was in 1 nefi 5! And he had lots of questions. I think church was a little long for him haha, but we are meeting with him tomorrow and I'm so stoked! Oh his names Jose haha.

I'm loving it out here, sure there's hard stuff and always stuff to be sorry about, but I'm just working for the lord. And nothing else can seem to bother me that much. I've got goals to improve my knowledge of the scriptures. I need to know more what's in them in order to have the spirit and help me to know what to say. I guess I've got a ton of things to learn. I'm glad we've got two years to learn it all. Because being a missionary seems way hard sometimes, with so many things to be thinking about. I learned learned his week that its like a process of focusing on one thing to improve, and just kinda switching around like that. Anyway gotta go! Love ya!
Could you send me a mission supply of deodorant!
Love elder Brasher


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