August 22, 2016

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End of First Transfer in Spain!

Hola everyone! How's it going back in California!
Here's what's good aquí
I've made it through my first transfer in the field!
Holy cow I can't believe I did it... It was tough. But it did actually go pretty fast.

So this week was weird, with elder Emmett, we've been juggling our investigators(few) and his investigators(many) so we've been strait
running from cita to cita. As a result, We haven't been contacting as much as we usually do. I guess that contacting is important, but according to our zone leaders it's becoming a habit. Whenever we have
free time we just fill it with contacting. I've learned this week that a better way to find always ask to meet investigators friends. Ask if they could be invited to dinner or a noche de hogar or something like that. Because as people begin to feel the Spirit and know true, it's easier for people to think of friends or family who should also here it too.

There are a lot of changes going on rn... Like this transfer we've heard we might b asked to open a new area and go find a new piso to live in and move there and everything... I've heard that's really a pain.

My hair is growing back! Very slowly... It's way better super short. It is way easier and faster to shower and get ready. I need to find a way to keep it this short but not look so military.

I had the most Intense lesson of my mission so far this past week! So we went to Felix and Gloria's house... And we had planned to talk about prophets. We get there and sit down, and Gloria talks about how her cousin got stabbed an bunch in Venezuela. (I've heard so many
bad stories about Venezuela... Don't ever go). So we talked about how we could get missionaries there to visit her and give her a blessing.

So we got information and did it right there on our iPads on their wifi. Then... I don't remember exactly what I said, but they seemed pretty sad and down about stuff. So I started talking about that, and then Christs atonement and what God expects of us, to just try and follow the example of Jesus Christ, to keep his commandments and repent, and then he takes care of everything else. and I shared ether 12:27, and it was just like a bomb went off... Gloria felt the spirit so strong, (crying) it surprised me.. I didn't know what to do. Everyone sat there for a long time. I think this was an answer that they needed, that the Book of Mormon is true and that that they know
it's true. Beginning of a testimony.

I want to say that I know the spirit was making me say whatever I said, and the spirit made that scripture pop into my head. It was the most cool thing ever. That experience makes all the hard stuff about serving a mission worth it.
I love you all so much! And miss you. Keep me updated on how your lives are going! You are the best family on the planet.

Love elder Brasher


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