August 14, 2017


Oradea, Romania


Elder Berrett


We are having our last lesson with Petru this evening before he has his baptismal interview on wednesday. I am so excited for him. He is a wonderful sweet man and we do not deserve him. It has been amazing to see the gospel bring more and more light to his eyes as he progressed. We found another cool young man who is more excited and determine to meet with us for lessons than anyone I else I have met. I am really excited for his potential. 

Other than that everything is the same old grind. It was Elder Perretts dinner night this sunday so he made sushi, Australian style. It was really good. Oh yeah we visited a Tongan family in a town called Baia Mare. They are members and have live here for a year as a family and the dad has lived here for 4 years. He plays rugby for romania in the Euro League and for the National Team. He gave Elder Perrett and I a game jersey because they get new ones for every game. They are coming to church next week to bless their baby. They haven't been in a year because its really hard for them. The trip is 4 hours by train and they have 4 small kids. They are getting a car soon though so they will be coming as much as they can. It must be hard to be the only members in a 4 hour radius. Thats why our president gave us permission to meet them. They really needed the spiritual and emotional upliftment. They are also all alone from their family and they speak english but not romanian. No shade on the romanians but they were the nicest and coolest family I have met since I have been out haha. They gave us more food than all the other members have combined lol. I ate until I couldn't fit anymore, and then they told me I need to get bigger so they made me stand in the living room and jump until I had room for more food. When we got about halfway through it all they made us take the rest home! They said in Tonga people feed the missionaries horse and dog. They said all the American missionaries say they won't eat dog at first but eventually they all love it! It was so worth the trip. 

Our Branch President just got married this week so that was cool. He returned from his mission in England in 2016 I think.  

I have had some restless nights this week because it has been super hot and our AC broke. We don't have screens on our windows so when we open them up in order to cool down enough to sleep, I get devoured by mosquitoes. For some reason elder perrett doesnt. The other day I tried to count all my bites, I got tired of counting at 40. But all is well now, its cooled down a lot and our AC should be getting fixed. And I got an anti mosquito bracelet that I sleep in. 

Anyway I think thats everything about this crazy week. 

Elder Sewell 


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