January 22, 2019


Bonners Ferry


Elder Robert Young

Bonner's Ferry week 21

Good news! My snow and ice driving skills are improving! I have been put to the test on some very sketchy roads and the new car is still undamaged!
We had the opportunity to go to the temple this week! Such a wonderful place! It's definitely a highlight whenever we can go! I definitely took having the Gilbert temple 5 minutes away for granted! We carpooled with a family in the ward and the other Elders in Bonners because the closest temple is 2 hours away! Afterward we had interviews with President Thompson and we talked about super cool stuff and the people we are teaching! Speaking of, the girl I mentioned last week that we are teaching who is very self motivated, she went to seminary! She really is doing great! Unfortunately I was not able to be at the lesson with her this week, I got to go to Libby, MT for the weekend, but Elder Young did great! In Libby on Saturday morning we walked dogs for service. The road was icy and the dog I was walking liked to run, so I had him pull me behind him as I slid down the road! It was sweet! After, we went back to the apartment for lunch and noticed that the next door neighbors were blasting music! So we of course recognized the music and sung along until they turned it down a minute later. Haha! Then we knocked on their door and shared a message about Jesus Christ!
We were going to go ice fishing today but the ice is iffy right now😩 so we are going to play pool at a guy in our wards house who is a pro and has his own pool room!
I love to hear from yall!

Love yall,
Elder Russell Belnap


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