February 26, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

Just another crazy week, Monday we taught (Sis. Ramos granddaughter) Paige the first of the missionary lessons, she will be eight in May and wants the discussions before we go so Elder Larsen can baptize her. Took Mercadies Hagan to a job interview, Took the rest of the pants to Dan Smith who has lost so much weight with his cancer Sis. Larsen has had to make adjustments to his pants. Took FHE to a less active family in Hearne, had Branch mission meeting in Caldwell, Sadie the 87 yr old neighbor from down Stairs told us she got a new phone so she can now call our long distance number in case of emergency. Tuesday we visited non members and less actives. Wednesday we went to the Houston Temple, with the other missionaries, So rewarding to take your own family names. Only the missionaries that have their own family names are invited to attend. Thursday we went to Mary McKissen's (she has been a member for three years, but just returned from a mission to Family History) she is trying to get her house back in order. Elder Larsen had to look at her taps in the bath tub, and the toilet was continually running. so we traveled about twenty miles west of Caldwell, then went to Bryan (about thirty five miles East of Caldwell) to get the needed parts, then back to Mary's to make the needed repairs. Friday was a special day, after District meeting we went to Calvert to pick up a mother and daughter who have joined the Church in the last two months. (Pres Mortensen wants new members to take family names to the Temple within two months of their baptism) Everything seemed to be against them going, we had decided to meet them at the Church in Hearne, Sis. Russell had forgot her recommend which was 30 miles away, we got hold of Pres. Evans who works in College Station and he said he would have a new recommend at his work. We took Kristy and Kaitlyn to the Grandmothers house for them to change into dresses. Then stopped at Pres. Evans work, and he had made out a recommend for the daughter. so he had to make a new one instead, for the Mom, Late getting started toward the Temple. then there was a head on crash with two or more vehicles and that held us up for half an hour, When we got to the Temple it was dark, and the excitement of seeing the Temple all light up was special. They were each Baptized for five people, then Elder Larsen did the confirmations. It was about 8:30 when we headed back toward Hearne, We stopped in College Station for dinner, then on to Hearne, It was about 11 PM getting home. but what a special experience. Saturday was moving day for the Ramos Family, Elder Larsen helped with three loads moved then went to help Joseph Booth and family trim trees at Sis. Lay's - then back to Ramos for the last two loads. Sister Larsen had prepared dinner for those helping with the move and took it to them. That makes three trips to Houston in a week. That sure makes time fly, So thankful for such a special week. We had to work hard to make the last trip to the Temple, but we know who didn't want it to happen, but such a Spiritual feast when we persisted. May we Each be persistand in doing Good. Love the Larsen's
Pictures;Rodreguez FHE - Temple - Sis. Lay limb pile


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