January 29, 2017


Caldwell, Texas, United States


Weekly Letter

What a crazy week, but time just flies when your having fun, Monday Elder Larsen practiced his plumbing skills, by replacing two taps in a home of a single older sister, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, after the one was installed in the kitchen, it had a part that didn't work, so had to pull it back out and take it thirty miles away and get it replaced, then reinstall it. The Hagan family was having car problems so we picked up Mercadies from school, and take her twenty miles home, a couple days. Sister Larsen gave four piano lessons to the Goodwin Family, We did get 12 visits in along with all else. Wed. we had the Worldwide Missionary training in Houston, then got Miley to Activity day and Mercadies to Seminary. Thursday we took a Single Sister to Bryan to take her old car for some repairs, and they are going to sell it for her. Friday we had District Meeting in College Station, then went to Hearne, for Wayne Sinn (a new member) and took him to Houston Temple to do Baptisms. (320 mile round trip) another long day, but a great Spiritual Experience. Saturday we took Sister Laurie B. to Hearne with us for a Relief Society Social, They were instructed on gardening skills, the visiting teaching message and making chocolates. Today we got to teach Primary in Caldwell, the 8 to 12 year olds and latter today we will attend the Pot Luck and Teacher Development get together. We do Love this work and have made some great friends here in Texas May the Lord Bless Each of You and Keep you busy in His Service. This is the only way to Eternal Happiness. Love the Larsen's


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