October 29, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


The Lord is in Our Lives

My old companion Elder Larson flew to the Ukraine today to finish the last 18 months of his mission. My new companion Elder Janis and I have been made music missionaries for this next transfer. We're now in multiple choirs and bands in the community and the local university, Dickinson State. 
Keith got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday. 
I was the vessel for a blessing yesterday. It is one of my favorite things to feel the emotions Christ feels for others, to feel the pain He feels watching His children experience pain and sorrow,  while at the same time feeling the elation and joy He feels for what lay in store for them.It's also interesting being on the receiving end of blessings, especially during the hardest times in my life, knowing that Jesus Christ is in the same room with me, placing His arm around me. I'm so grateful to the companions I've had, especially the ones I currently have. I could not make it through without them. I'm so grateful for the Lord placing these people in my life at these specific times.The Lord doesn't give His children more than they can handle with His help. Therefore, His strongest children, He gives more/harder trials.
Pics:1: My last companion2: Hilarious3: The quad companionship of two transfers ago (Beatles pic remake)4: Sunset in the oil field
Love ya!Elder Westlake


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