October 15, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


Testing Ground

Hello Everyone!
Keith was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday, received the gift of the Holy Ghost and will receive the Aaronic Priesthood this week and go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead this Saturday for one of his ancestors! Because of his back, we had to try about 5 times to get him fully submersed and say the prayer about 3 times, but in the end he was fully submersed!
The adversary kicks his attacks into gear when we are about to make covenants with God. This last week was really rough on us, and the last few weeks/months have been really rough for Keith. The adversary knows how happy making covenants with God will make us, and the adversary's only goal is to do everything in his power to cause us to be as miserable as possible. There is opposition in all things, and the more good is about to happen, the more bad the adversary will inflict upon us to try to discourage us from the good thing.
Keith, since coming to church yesterday, has been told by many members that they can get him a job within 30 minutes once he gets his CDL, and they're going to work on helping him get that. A ton of progress has been made in getting him a job, and we helped him build his resume with members yesterday. Keith is making fast friends with many ward members, and he's becoming engrained into the ward quickly. It's great! :)
I think there's a period in every missionary's mission where the Lord tests them, where He tests to see if they will still be obedient, work hard, be diligent, not waste time, even when there's no success, even when there's more rejection, harder rejection, all to really test the missionary. The true measures of success in missionary work is just that, showing God you will serve Him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, despite results and circumstances. The number of baptisms you have does not determine success.
Pics:1: This couple were both born and raised in Samoa, apparently in Samoa they use pineapples, coconuts, and banana leaves as plates and bowls. Awesome! :)2: I love this truck!3: We helped paint a mural on the underpass4: The other side of the mural5: Yessir (sunset)6: Sweet mail jeep from forever ago7: Saving the best for last, Keith's baptism

Love ya,Elder Westlake


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