October 8, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


The Lord's Work, He Prepares His Elect, and Needs Worthy Servants to Send To Them

I love being led by the Spirit to perform God's work. There have been many situations this week where we've been led step by step to areas and specific people. I'll share but one example, it being an example of how the rest of the week has gone.There's this small neighborhood on a hill here in Dickinson that has very very nice homes, and for about a week I'd been feeling we need to knock doors there. We decided to this week, and as we were going to my companion felt we needed to try potentials around there. We tried to, but couldn't find any addresses, then he felt we needed to try less active members in that area. He decided we were going to try the Gleese family. We tried to find their address, finally were able to, parked, and prayed to know that this is what we need to be doing and to have the Spirit with us. We knocked their door, found out that they had moved, and a new family had moved in about 5 days prior, they are looking for a church to join, and they know a lot of members of the Church of Jesus Christ, and they love all of those members. They let us in out of the cold, we taught them, and they are eager to learn more. This is but one example of many this week of being led to the elect who are eager to join Christ's Church. Following the Spirit is explained well by Elder David A Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He says that following the Spirit is kind of like a foggy day, where you can see only a foot or two in front of you, and you take those steps forward, and in the end, God has performed miracles through you. I love it. Definitely worth the hard times to get here. My unique love for cars and other stuff, and talents, and experiences from back home, continue to be used by the Lord to bless specific people and bring them closer to Him. God definitely knows where we need to be, whether it's in Dickinson, Fargo, Washington, Ghana, or home. God loves all, no matter what circumstance we may be in. God is also aware, and He is always involved in our lives.
Keith is doing great, he is getting baptized Saturday. Pray for him that he'll make a quick recovery of his back pain and that his doctors will be able to diagnose his back pain. He loves that everybody serves everybody, he wants to serve really bad in the church and visit people like we do. He loves the idea of ministering! :)
Love you all!Pics:1: Snow video! (Copy and paste link) Sunset3: He was making a nose model4: Sunset5: Snow!
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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