September 17, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


Keeping My Head Up

The Spirit felt when transfer news are given is immense. My companions in my quad companionship were made zone leaders. When I heard that I felt the Spirit incredibly strongly, I knew they're supposed to be, it's God's will. Dickinson was made a zone, and it's never been a zone my entire mission. Way cool. :) That being said, I'm staying in Dickinson so if you want to send me anything I'll still be here! :) I'm grateful I still get to live in the same apartment as my companions in the old quad. We're simply split into two companionships, but the zone leaders will go on exchanges with me as needed for my foot so my companion won't go crazy not being able to walk for miles.
Our mission president let everybody in Dickinson go to the temple on Saturday. It was way nice. 
I've been sick these last few days, so I've been more immobile than normal, didn't think I could get more immobile. It's been tough not being able to be 100%, not being able to play games with everyone on PDay, I just watch. It's been tough not being able to go at it as hard as I have my whole mission, not being able to walk for miles a day, contacting people. I'm still limited, only being able to walk for shorter distances. Hopefully I'll learn what I'm supposed to from this quickly so I can get better and work as hard as I'd like to my last 7 months of my mission.
Pics:1: Sunset2: Sunset3: Temple trip!!! :)
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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