August 20, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


Mysterious Ways

This week I've been layed up because my foot decided to hurt all week...But that gave me a ton of time to prepare District Council, and as I sought the Lord's direction on what it needed to be on, I felt distinct direction that it should be on trials and the Atonement, and what specific things needed to be included. I was intrigued during the preparation, having no idea why it needed to be on trials, or for who, but then during District Council one of the missionaries in our District shared that just the night before, they were looking in the mirror, and to say the least they had been brought very low, and they were struggling mentally, and they heard a voice that said, "The Lord must take you down, brick by brick, so He can build you higher." This missionary has had very hard companions for over 6 months in a row, I've served around him for the last 4 of those months, I've seen him taken down brick by brick. Having been in those low moments, I've seen the growth in myself that comes after those moments. I'm excited to see what growth happens in him. This missionary is an awesome person, I can't wait to see how much more awesome he becomes.I'm grateful for the extra time my bum foot gave me to prepare District Council and really seek the Lord's direction. I know for a fact it was Him, not me. It's way cool to see how the Lord works through His children to bless His other children.
This week we were at the senior missionary couple's apartment with the entire zone for dinner, and out of 18 missionaries in our zone, I've been out the longest. Wow. That happened fast. 0_0
We also do service at the zoo here, and they let us tour the zoo for free after we finish our service. Way cool!!! They have a camel.
Pics:1: The colored pencil wall at the zoo!2: The carved wood log statue thingy at the zoo!3: This huge table at the zoo!4: The obligatory sunset photo
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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