August 6, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


God Knows You.

You all know how toddlers are called terrible twos and threenagers? I came up with a new one. Fournado. ;)
Well guys, I'm getting transferred to Fargo, North Dakota! It'll be my 6th Area in just under 16 months! I'm pumped! It'll be my first time serving in North Dakota, which is funny since I was called to the North Dakota mission... I'm really pumped because we'll actually have stores there, like Panda Express, Chick-Fil-A, Costco, Scheel's, and more. It is the only place in the mission that has a Panda Express, a Chik-Fil-A, and Costco. Those stores aren't anywhere else in the mission.
This last week I got way discouraged because everyone we were teaching disappeared about a month ago, and we've been knocking doors for a month with hardly any teaching. Any lessons we set up fell through, and after a month of that happening I finally got discouraged. I'm impressed with myself it took that long, but at the same time, I'm kind of peeved I let myself believe the adversary's lies of discouragement. However, during the last three days of me being discouraged, God let me know many times a day He's watching out for me, that He hasn't abandoned me, isn't neglecting me. Just one of many examples is we were walking, and a park across the street was playing music way loud, and the song "Closing Time" by Semisonic came on, which I love. I knew God was watching out for me. Then, the chorus came on, "I know who I want to take me home." Wow. That hit me hard, I almost fell over. I do know who I want to take me home, to Heaven. I want Heavenly Father to take me home to Heaven for all eternity. I don't want the adversary dragging me away in chains from that. That chorus repeats about 20 times in the song or more, and I knew God is watching out for me in that moment. And that's just one example of about 10 I can name, instances where God communicated to me through different mediums to let me know He's watching out for me.God knows exactly where we are, who we are, He knows our name, our situations, our struggles, our mind, our thoughts, everything you could possibly know about a person, He knows. Just because we aren't having much or any success doesn't mean squat in terms of our relationship to God. He always loves us.
Also, wait to send anything until I get you all my new address in Fargo. I'll miss the people here a ton, I love them all so much. I feel God putting different droplets of excitement for the future in Fargo though. I'll be serving around my companion I was with in Rapid City where we found a ton of success! I'm stoked to be serving around him again! 
Pics:1: If I had 50 bucks I would have bought this vw bus cookie jar, it's sweet! Gotta love second hand stores!2: If I had 50 bucks I would have bought this Arabian Pepsi! It's probably way old though, gotta love second hand stores!3: I know goat-men are called satyrs, what about man-raptor?4: Man I'm going to miss the Institute Squad

Love ya,Elder Westlake


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