July 16, 2018


Miles City, Montana, USA


Tender Mercies

This week I was able to go to my first area, Sidney, on exchanges, and it was amazing seeing all of the people I came to love last year. It was great to see them. It was really cool, because it ended up that one of my favorite families fed us, and they made homemade ice cream and homemade white bread, two of my favorite things on planet Earth. Then, the next day, we went to a farewell for one of the young men leaving on his mission to Madagascar on Wednesday, and I was able to see more of my favorite families there too, let alone seeing that young man the last possible time I could see him for at least two years, if not many more. The Lord loves blessing us with tender mercies. We simply need to recognize them.
Cool joke one of my favorite families said: "We were at a garage sale, and there was a breadmaker for 2 bucks. The lady asked us if we need a breadmaker. I (the husband) motioned towards my wife and said, "I already have one." :) Then he hugged his wife and said he loves her. They're the funniest family ever! :)
I also learned how to make boxes for gardens. Way cool, and a useful skill!
Pics:1: The link to the video, this is a fellow missionary in our mission whom we know and love! Watford City, North Dakota, had a portion of the town leveled by a tornado. Elder Anderson was stopped by a news lady. :)

2: Apparently I own a tire company?3: A Coca Cola bottle from 1989. I wanted to buy this and drink this so bad!!! But then I thought it probably is alcohol now...4: Proof of the boxes! They're made out of old wood from a deck in front of their house.5: Photo credit goes to my companion, Elder Hamblin. Photo taken with a Samsung S9, which has a very nice camera! Completely unedited picture. I love sunsets on farms. :)
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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