June 25, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Bustin Out

About a month ago, our Mission President came up to us at Zone Conference and told us that one of the Seventies told him that the Miles City Elders can go to the Billings, Montana temple (1 and a half hours out of mission boundaries) if the Miles City Ward has a ward temple trip and the Elders get a ride with one of the members.So, you already know what happened Saturday. :) 
I think that's a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure, to legally go out of mission boundaries. It felt so weird, eating at a Sam's Club, knowing we weren't in our mission, but that it was ok. 
Also, whenever we're about to do something that will bless us eternally, the adversary works extra hard to do whatever he can to discourage us from doing that thing. This week, an inactive member who has had a really rough two years told us they were going to come back to church on Sunday, and bring her little sister with her. Two days later, her little sister attempted suicide. Thankfully she's doing ok now though, she was flown to Denver and is awake now. Hopefully she'll recover well. Remember, if there's any thought running through your head that does the opposite of build you up, it's straight from the devil. Distract yourself from those bad thoughts by thinking of literally anything else. Distract yourself with good.
Pics:1: Pics or it didn't happen2: Panorama of the temple3: On top of that hill next to the temple, people rock climb and rappel here4: I've said it many times, but I will miss this5: Sunsets again, I'm a broken record :)
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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