June 11, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA



Something I've learned on my mission that was reinforced this week, is that the Lord brings people into your life to help you. Sometimes, it seems like these people are super crazy or weird, that they'd never have anything to say that would change your life for the better, but then they do. I'm grateful for the Lord continually helping me to progress on my journey out here.
Yesterday was the Glendive stake conference! It was incredible, because I served in the Sidney ward, I served in the Wolf Point branch, while I was there I met and worked with people in the Glasgow and Plentywood branches, one of them lives in Scoby, and serving here in Miles City I know people in the Jordan and Broadus branches, and of course here in the Miles City ward. The only people I didn't know were the people in the Glendive Ward. It was incredible to see so many people I grew to love when I was serving around them, and to reconnect. I bet that'll be similar to next year when I return to Arizona. 
Speaking of the Glendive stake, it's about 6 hours from northwest to southeast, the people in the northwest corner of Glasgow to the people in the southwest corner of Broadus. And, I can say I've been in both of those corners. Just for perspective for those in Arizona, the Glendive stake is as far across as Mesa to San Diego, the beach in California. That is one stake. My stake in Mesa I'm sure is 4 square miles or less. The drive time the people here put in is incredible. 
Pics:1: This is what I live for2: This stud went into the marine core yesterday. Thank you for your service!


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