June 4, 2018


Rapid City,South Dakota,USA


Glendive Stake Reunion!

On Saturday we had 7 appointments back to back, we didn't have time for lunch or dinner, we only had time to run to the apartment to grab a cold slice of pizza and go. 10:30am to 7:30pm we were in appointments. We've been teaching a lot, every day.On Wednesday, the stake trek started, and the entire stake youth came to Miles City to stay the night in member's homes before leaving Thursday, and I got to see people from Sidney and Wolf Point that I knew well. It was incredible! I wonder if that is what it'll be like when I return home next April, seeing people I know and love for the first time in a long time. All I can say is, when we're all in Heaven, we better have Salt River Ward, Sidney Ward, and Wolf Point Branch reunions (also Aberdeen, Rapid City, and Miles City) every 10,000 years haha!!! Maybe every five or so years would be better. :)One of the less actives we have, we had a lesson with him on Tuesday, and he's going to help us teach Institute, and take us out to one of our outlying towns to help teach lessons so he can feel the Spirit testify through him like it did on his mission. This is a huge breakthrough for him! We're pumped for him!!!
Pics:1: The Crew!!! :)
Love ya,Elder Westlake


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